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Summertime in the Golden State

So either WordPress changed it’s website or I’m in some strange “new post” area that I’ve never been before…we’ll keep our fingers crossed that I can figure out how to publish this post without anything weird happening! 

I’ve been home for a little over a week now and I’ve had a few lazy days and a few jam packed days. After getting home last Monday I crashed on the couch in the summer heat and immediately Miss Ruby decided she needed to cuddle with me, because that’s what she does.




Of course my mom had to sit and snap a bunch of pictures because Ruby was so determined not to fall off the couch and keep herself on my lap. She’s 50 lbs and doesn’t realize that she might be a little too big to crawl on top of people….


She crawled on me the other day when I was trying to drink my coffee and read. Nothing like having a fur ball laying on top of you when it’s hot!

Anyways, my brother and I went to a San Francisco Giant’s game last Thursday and unfortunately had to watch our team lose. 


I don’t even know when the last time was that I was at a baseball game in SF but I was SO excited to be back! One thing that did bother me was the cost of food. I know that food costs are going up nationally but it was actually ridiculous how much food cost! We spent almost $20 on lunch which consisted of a hotdog each and an order of garlic fries to split. Ballpark food has always been pretty expensive, but this was a whole new experience. 

I still had a lot of fun though!


The weather was perfect that day! I was good about sunscreen and didn’t make my coast sunburn any worse! 

On the 4th of July the plan was for me to go on a long run early in the morning and then we were going to head off to the East side of the Sierra Nevada’s around 9:00. My long run was supposed to be 10 miles and a few miles in I knew I was going to be lucky to make it that far cuz I just was not feeling it at all. I stopped a few times to stretch because my legs felt tired (I took a Body Pump class last Tuesday and it killed my legs). I felt like I was pushing myself so much and my times were getting slower and slower, which was really frustrating.  Finally, I hit the 8 mile mark and thought if I could make it another mile that I would be good. I kept my route close to home so I had the option of cutting it short.  

I was tired and got a little sloppy and was running on a really uneven section of sidewalk that’s all broken up by tree roots. I mis-stepped and somehow twisted my leg, leaving my knee in pain. I tried to keep going but the pain wasn’t going away. I stopped and called my parents, both of who didn’t answer, so I had to keep pushing to get closer to home. Finally I got ahold of them when I was down the street from their house so I just sat down and waited for my dad. I was so upset and couldn’t stop crying. We had a day hike planned for the next day and I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen anymore. 

Luckily, after I showered and wrapped it there wasn’t too much pain and it didn’t swell at all. We were able to do the hike and I experienced minimal pain during the 7.7 miles that we ended up walking. 

The East side of the Sierras are absolutely beautiful!

091 095 100 106




Ruby came with us and had a blast swimming in all the lakes we passed!


Of course Margaritas and Mexican food were necessary after a day of hiking! 

I’ve not had any worsening knee pain and took 2 days off doing any kind of physical activity. I was going to go to Body Pump this morning and then do some cardio after, but when I woke up at 4:30 am (the class is at 5:00 am) I felt sick and decided to go back to sleep. I woke up again at 7:45 and decided to try a short run. My knee felt great but I still felt super sick and had to stop after a mile because I thought I was going to throw up. I was a mile away from home so I did a 2 mile run total and it felt horrible. 

Now I’m sitting in my room feeling like death. I have a headache and my stomach is upset. Honestly, I’m a little worried because I have about 30 mosquito bites since we forgot the bug spray on our hike and a few of them are really painful. Hopefully I don’t have West Nile! 

I got the email this morning saying I can schedule my RD exam. WHAT??????

I listened to my Inman’s Review lectures on my 10 hour drive home but I haven’t studied at all besides that. I have a lot of options for test dates so I think I’ll aim for mid- to late-August.

I can’t believe it’s really happening! I’m going to be a dietitian!!!!

I have orientation at my job starting next Monday. Maybe I’ll feel like posting before then…we’ll see. 

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Week 35 Recap



Can you tell I’m excited to be nearing the end of this program??

It’s not because I don’t enjoy it or because I don’t like my internship, I’m just ready to be done.  I’m ready for a break and I’m ready to start working and take my test and start moving forward with life!

This week was very similar to last week.  I did a lot of data entry and it was extremely relaxed and low key.  It was such a nice break from the intensity of the rest of the internship but at the same time it just had me counting down the days even more since I could practically taste summer on the horizon.  The weather has been so nice here and it makes me want to be outside all the time.

I planted my garden recently so it has become part of my routine to go down to it after I get home and give it a good watering.  The soil was incredibly dry when I planted so I’ve been trying extra hard to give it some moisture!  All of my plants have survived so far and are getting bigger, which I’m really excited about!

Yesterday was our last class day ever, which seems like it can’t possibly be true.  We talked a little about preparing for the RD exam but since that’s been a topic of many discussions through out the year and all of us have study materials already, we didn’t focus too much on that.  We did get the paperwork all filled out for our tests though so once we finish our director can sign them, scan them, and submit them electronically.  We’ve been told it’ll be 8-10 weeks before we can test so either late August- early to mid September.

I can guarantee there will be posts in the future that detail my studying. I chose to purchase the 2014 Inman’s Review and even though it practically cost me an arm and a leg I think it was worth it for me since I won’t feel like I am missing out on one of the best study programs out there.

Yesterday I was also able to submit my intern portfolio that my program director will need in the future for accreditation.  It’s essentially just extra proof that there are specific objectives assigned for us interns to complete and that I did complete them.  It didn’t take much effort to pull it together since I’ve been keeping up with it during the year but it still feels great to have it done!


Yesterday, after getting out of class, I got a notification on my door saying I had a package at the apartment office.  My dad got me a Buster Posey jersey!!!!!  I have been wanting a Giants jersey for the longest time and I am beyond excited to finally have one!  I’ll be home for two weeks in July so I’m already trying to find a time to go to a game with my brother.


Last night I also did the Neon Night 5k on campus that was supporting the YMCA.  It started around 9:15, just as the last daylight was fading, and went through the Oregon State campus.  They did a fantastic job of lighting the course with glow sticks and making sure there were volunteers directing everyone.

I haven’t run a timed 5k since college so I decided to run it even though I had friends walking it.  I’ve been battling foot pain that appears to be tendonitis so I was a little nervous to give it my all during the run.  Thankfully, this week the pain has been significantly better and I had no problem with pain during the run.

The run had a large amount of walkers, so by about 1/2 mile in I found myself near the front of the pack.  After running competitively in high school when I get into a race situation I can’t help but try to beat everyone around me.  I had a ton of fun because I knew it was only a 5k and I could go all out without burning out, so I let myself get a little competitive with the runners around me.

I finished 20th overall, which just proves there weren’t a lot of runners, and my time was 27:00, or a 8:43 mile split time.  My fastest 5k time in high school was 24:06 and I distinctly remember hitting the first mile during that race and my first mile time being 6:32.  I remember it so clearly because that was way too fast for me during a 5k and I slowed down after it.  It makes me laugh because I thought I was so slow in high school just because I wasn’t the fastest girl on the team.  I wish I could go back to that discouraged, 17 year old version of myself and tell her “you will never be this fast again, enjoy it!”

My 24 year old body just can’t run as fast as my 17 year old body could!


Today started off with a large cup of coffee, since I went to bed around 11:30 last night since the race went so late.  Then I made myself this delicious veggie filled breakfast and ventured out to the farmer’s market.  I was happy to see that the produce is finally in full swing and there was loads to choose from at the farmer’s market!

I walked away with a pint of strawberries, a pint of sugar snap peas, a bunch of radishes, and a bunch of sweet pea flowers. I absolutely despise raw radishes but I’ve been told that you can roast them and that they take on a whole new flavor, so I’m excited to try them!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!

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Week 30 Recap


I feel like all of my weeks are busy but this week was way busier than most of them are!

On the bright side, there are only 8 weeks left and then I’m done…which is both terrifying and incredibly exciting.

This week started like almost all my other ones do, work for 8 hours and then go to the gym before going home.  When I got to the gym on Monday I changed into my workout clothes in the locker room and then right as I was putting on my shoes the power went out….

Now, Corvallis is a special place.  When we get power outages, they are going to last a few hours.  Not the 10-15 minute max ones I used to experience as a kid in California.  I ended up heading home and going on a run instead since I was already in my workout gear and determined to get a workout in.  It was a beautiful night and the weather was perfect for a short 4 mile run.  I had to snap some pictures while I was running but in no way to they do this state justice!

Anyways, I started this week in ICU on Monday and Tuesday and then on Wednesday I started in intermediate care (IMCU) and neuro-trauma (NTCU).  My preceptor on Wednesday was actually one of my TA’s from undergrad and it ended up being a lot of fun working with her that day.  It was kind of a transition to get away from critical care but we still had some tube feeders so it wasn’t a complete shift away from that kind of charting.

Thursday I got to attend the Oregon Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics conference in Portland.  Dietetics is a very small field, the national group, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, only has a little over 75,000 members.  Of course, not every dietitian is a member, but that is still a small group!  It was great to have the chance to get together with 200 other dietetics professionals and talk about our field.

Dietetics really does offer a very unique set of skills and dietitians are trained to do a job that no one else can do.  It was great to hear dietitians talk about how we can promote ourselves and protect our careers and spot in healthcare, especially since there are so many pseudo-nutrition specialists out there who are attempting to offer our services with minimal training that would allow them to do so.   Part of claiming our place is making the public aware of who we are and what we are trained to do.

No one would take medical advice from someone who isn’t trained in medicine, or financial advice from someone who isn’t trained in finance, so why take nutrition advice of any kind from someone who isn’t specifically trained in nutrition?

It’s something I’ve honestly never understood and diet is linked to so, so many preventable diseases that is absolutely blows my mind that the public is either uninterested in the expertise dietitians can provide or they’re willing to take advice from the media, which is advice that is rarely backed up with evidence based research, and take it without question.

I could go on, but I’ll step off my soap box now….


We also got to present our internship research project in the form of a poster at the OAND conference which was pretty neat.  A lot of the dietitians were really interested in what we found during our focus groups and were excited to see that we were working with the college population. It was really cool to see my name on a poster!

Thursday when I got home from Portland the weather was incredibly beautiful (around 85 degrees!!!!) so I decided to go on a long bike ride since I just really didn’t feel like going on a run.  I rode my bike all around Corvallis for around 45 minutes and then did some Nike Training Club workouts when I got home.  If you’re looking for some workout inspiration, I highly recommend the NTC app.  The workouts are killer!

Much to my displeasure, I had to return to the hospital on Friday to finish off the week.  I was actually working with one of the younger dietitians and we ended up encountering a very complicated patient.  A doctor was interested in starting peripheral parenteral nutrition (PPN) on a patient I had been following all week and it was something neither me or my preceptor had encountered outside a textbook.  It was an incredible learning experience and a great chance for me to get used to communicating with doctors and pharmacists.


Since this week was so incredibly busy and hectic, I spent my Saturday night making cookies instead of doing anything exciting.  I am pleased to report that for the first time EVER I did not over bake my cookies and they are still soft today!  I went with the classic Nestle Toll House recipe and used chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips.  It was an excellent way to end the week!


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My First 15k: The Shamrock Run!



I finished my first 15k and it went great!  At a little after 7:45 this morning I headed onto the course for the Portland Shamrock Run, a run that sells out every year and has a field of 35,000 total participants for 5 different events.  This was by far the biggest run I have ever done but it was so much fun!

I was more than a little nervous about the course going into this run.  It goes up Terwilliger in Portland, which is curvy and hilly.  I spent way too much time inspecting the course map and elevation changes and made a solid effort to include some hills in my training runs.  Luckily, hills aren’t hard to come by here!


When I lived in Portland it was impossible for me to go on any sort of run without facing a hill or two…or three.  They don’t scare me, I just know they have the potential to wear me out.  Fortunately, Terwilliger is a slow climb.  For about a mile we had a gradual climb and I ran the slowest mile of my life, 10:00 flat, but I felt really good when I made it to the top of that hill and wasn’t worn out.  There was a surprise downhill that I wasn’t anticipating and then another mile of steady, gradual climb.  Once we were a little past 6 miles it was all downhill, literally.

I think it was a combination of conditioning, diligently eating my energy chews, and a salt pill that really kept me strong through the climb.  Honestly, the downhill was so much more painful!  My hip flexors and my back were not having it and I was so desperate for flat ground.


I crossed the finish line in 1:25:54 which is a time I was so happy with!  I didn’t have to walk at all and I felt great at the finish!  After finishing I collected my medallion (which doubles as a bottle opener) and grabbed my free smoked salmon chowder sample.  I was the only one in my group running the 15k so I hung around and waited for the rest of the girls to finish their events.



I think I’ll definitely do this run again next year!  The distance was perfect, the course was beautiful (both a mix of downtown Portland and the forest on Terwilliger), and it felt really great to run a race again.  I’m kind of wishing I would have signed up for the Corvallis Half Marathon again this year but I know I don’t have time to train for it.  I’ve got the Eugene Half Marathon in July so I have that to look forward to!

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Week 23 Recap



Yup, that’s me with a microphone on.  Freaked out.  Glad I wore black so no one could see me sweating.

I ended my rotation in food service this week and my last big project I had to complete was a presentation on sugar.  I’ve tried a few times to write a post summarizing what my presentation covered but every time I’ve gotten overwhelmed.  In fact, my entire 5 week journey with the topic of sugar was overwhelming.  There is literally so much information available and I had so many options of routes that I could take with sugar that it took me a substantial amount of time to make any progress.

Overall, I think the presentation went well.  The audience wasn’t as big as I had hoped it would be but those who did show up were very receptive and obviously had an interest in the topic because they were ready with questions at the end.  After I wrapped everything up and took off my mic, I still had people coming up and sharing their stories and experiences with me, which was absolutely wonderful!  My goal was to increase their awareness of sugar and show them how the food at the retirement community is better than some of the other foods they may be eating if they were relying on a lot of processed foods.

I think my preceptor also appreciated me ending on a “the food here is great!” note since my presentation as a whole had the potential to really cause her some problems.

It was a great learning experience through and through.  From my previous job as a peer advisor I was already pretty comfortable talking into a mic (since we used to do lots of presentations to prospective students in a big auditorium) but I’ve never worn an ear mic before.  I actually had to tape it behind me ear because my hair kept pulling at it.  I also had some of my facts questioned which makes me think twice about the resources I used to gather information.  It’s all a learning experience.

On Wednesday I headed up to Forest Grove to spend the day at a different retirement community and shadow the RD there.  I really enjoyed it and I love being able to visit different facilities and see how different things are done.

Thursday I did my orientation at the city hospital in the morning so I’m all set to start on Monday! I’ve got my badge and all my clearances taken care of which is a relief.  Since I was able to turn in my massive binder right when I got to the retirement community on Thursday I was able to spend the rest of they day doing the first section of my hospital study guide.  Then I met up with a friend who I know from college/church/sorority and had a glass of wine with her while we got to catch up.  It was a great way to end the craziest 5 weeks of my internship so far!

Friday was a class day, same old there.  I scurried out the door once we were done because I was dying to just have some relaxing me time for a change!  I went to the gym and had a great workout, picked up some take out for dinner, caught up on some reading and Survivor, and went to bed early.

I woke up at 7 am this morning feeling so refreshed!



The sunshine was trying so hard to break through the clouds!

I have the Shamrock Run tomorrow in Portland.  It’s  a 15k (9.3 miles) so I went on a short run this morning (~2 miles) and had a big, carb loaded lunch.  I also tried to really bump up my carbs yesterday too.  I’m making teriyaki bowls for dinner (mostly because I’ve been craving tofu and broccoli) so I am pretty confident I will be okay for my race tomorrow.  About 4 of the 9 miles are a gradual incline, but once you get to mile 5.5 it’s all downhill.  I just need to get to that point!

I’m headed up to Portland this evening since my race is at 7:40 am.  I’ll have a recap post about it soon because it’s supposed to be a great run!


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Week 22 Recap



This week was insanely busy!  It started with me sporting my sorority badge to my rotation, because Monday was National Badge Day.  I’m so proud to wear the symbol of my beloved Chi Omega when I get the chance!

Tuesday was my Mardi Gras meal!!! It was such a HUGE success.  I was a nervous mess all day though.  In and out of the kitchen helping with stuff, making decorations, hanging decorations, and then visiting residents in the dining room to get their feedback.



The crepe paper flowers I made were by far my favorite decoration.  I also made fun facts sheets for all the tables which I think added a nice touch to the dining room!



My menu included shrimp jambalaya, Cajun chicken, red beans and rice, collard greens with bacon, whipped yams, quartered beets, and corn bread.



The biggest success by far was the Cajun chicken, which was a new recipe I introduced and was SUPER nervous about.  I’ll share it with you guys soon because it’s amazingly delicious!

Once the meal was over it was a huge weight lifted from my shoulders! The rest of the week was full of lots of busy work.  I’ve managed to complete quite a few of my smaller projects and my wellness proposal that I’ve been working on.

I have my presentation on sugar on Tuesday that I’m really nervous for and then a huge green dining project and then I’m done!  I actually kind of want to cry because I feel like I have so much to do, but I know I’ll get it all done.

I went on an 8 mile run this morning and I ended up with a pretty bad headache this afternoon, probably from it, hormones, stress, and the weather changing all combined.  Luckily I’ve gotten it under control so I’m going to be able to work more on my presentation tonight!

I’ve got a full week and then the Shamrock Run next weekend! My roommate is going to be gone all week, I’m sad 😦

Hope you’re getting a touch of spring! We surely aren’t here.  Got a little tease yesterday and then back to rain today.

Gotta love Oregon!

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Week 21 Recap



Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! 

To the tune of some song on a commercial that has for some reason nestled itself into my brain this morning….

Anyways, I think my foodservice rotation is literally going to kill me, so it’s probably a good thing that I turned my calendar to March yesterday and now have this hanging on my wall for the remainder of my time there.  It’s not that I don’t like the rotation, it’s just literally running me into the ground.  I have so much to do there!

The good thing is, no one would ever leave that rotation with a false idea of what a job in food service is like! It’s intense and it’s busy and it’s a lot of problem solving and creativity.

I’m on the fence about food service, I can’t decide if I would actively seek out a job in it right away.

Anyways, one of the other interns, Anne, started her rotation at the same retirement community I’m at on Monday.  Her schedule had to  be switched around and now we’re there together for 3 weeks! It’s great to have someone to bounce ideas off of and I feel less like I’m just stashed away in my office working on projects.

Tuesday we were on campus at OSU for the Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition, and Preventive Health’s Annual Food, Nutrition, and Health Update.  Wow that was a mouthful!  It was a day full of talks learning all about whole grain’s and how they relate to our health.  Bob Moore, the founder and CEO of Bob’s Red Mill, was there and gave a talk too.  He is so wonderful! I should have gotten a picture with him but I can always go visit his store up in Milwaukie for lunch if I really want that.



I also got to wear my new pear shirt and got so many compliments on it! Thanks J. Crew 🙂

The rest of the week was busy juggling multiple projects at once.  My Mardi Gras meal is on Tuesday and I’ve got it mostly squared away, which is good.  I’ve got some decorations but I might get more if my preceptor is okay with it.  I’m getting reimbursed for everything I buy so I’m trying not to go too overboard with the cost.

I felt really sick on Friday and yesterday I was supposed to run 7 miles but I still felt really weak so I just went to the gym and did a short workout.  Of course now it’s steady rain all day (my weather app literally says 100% for every hour that I can see) so I’ve got a wet wet run in my future today after church.  Then I’m making some buffalo chicken mac and cheese! Plus doing another mountain of work on projects.

Happy Sunday!