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Week 23 Recap



Yup, that’s me with a microphone on.  Freaked out.  Glad I wore black so no one could see me sweating.

I ended my rotation in food service this week and my last big project I had to complete was a presentation on sugar.  I’ve tried a few times to write a post summarizing what my presentation covered but every time I’ve gotten overwhelmed.  In fact, my entire 5 week journey with the topic of sugar was overwhelming.  There is literally so much information available and I had so many options of routes that I could take with sugar that it took me a substantial amount of time to make any progress.

Overall, I think the presentation went well.  The audience wasn’t as big as I had hoped it would be but those who did show up were very receptive and obviously had an interest in the topic because they were ready with questions at the end.  After I wrapped everything up and took off my mic, I still had people coming up and sharing their stories and experiences with me, which was absolutely wonderful!  My goal was to increase their awareness of sugar and show them how the food at the retirement community is better than some of the other foods they may be eating if they were relying on a lot of processed foods.

I think my preceptor also appreciated me ending on a “the food here is great!” note since my presentation as a whole had the potential to really cause her some problems.

It was a great learning experience through and through.  From my previous job as a peer advisor I was already pretty comfortable talking into a mic (since we used to do lots of presentations to prospective students in a big auditorium) but I’ve never worn an ear mic before.  I actually had to tape it behind me ear because my hair kept pulling at it.  I also had some of my facts questioned which makes me think twice about the resources I used to gather information.  It’s all a learning experience.

On Wednesday I headed up to Forest Grove to spend the day at a different retirement community and shadow the RD there.  I really enjoyed it and I love being able to visit different facilities and see how different things are done.

Thursday I did my orientation at the city hospital in the morning so I’m all set to start on Monday! I’ve got my badge and all my clearances taken care of which is a relief.  Since I was able to turn in my massive binder right when I got to the retirement community on Thursday I was able to spend the rest of they day doing the first section of my hospital study guide.  Then I met up with a friend who I know from college/church/sorority and had a glass of wine with her while we got to catch up.  It was a great way to end the craziest 5 weeks of my internship so far!

Friday was a class day, same old there.  I scurried out the door once we were done because I was dying to just have some relaxing me time for a change!  I went to the gym and had a great workout, picked up some take out for dinner, caught up on some reading and Survivor, and went to bed early.

I woke up at 7 am this morning feeling so refreshed!



The sunshine was trying so hard to break through the clouds!

I have the Shamrock Run tomorrow in Portland.  It’s  a 15k (9.3 miles) so I went on a short run this morning (~2 miles) and had a big, carb loaded lunch.  I also tried to really bump up my carbs yesterday too.  I’m making teriyaki bowls for dinner (mostly because I’ve been craving tofu and broccoli) so I am pretty confident I will be okay for my race tomorrow.  About 4 of the 9 miles are a gradual incline, but once you get to mile 5.5 it’s all downhill.  I just need to get to that point!

I’m headed up to Portland this evening since my race is at 7:40 am.  I’ll have a recap post about it soon because it’s supposed to be a great run!


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Week 22 Recap



This week was insanely busy!  It started with me sporting my sorority badge to my rotation, because Monday was National Badge Day.  I’m so proud to wear the symbol of my beloved Chi Omega when I get the chance!

Tuesday was my Mardi Gras meal!!! It was such a HUGE success.  I was a nervous mess all day though.  In and out of the kitchen helping with stuff, making decorations, hanging decorations, and then visiting residents in the dining room to get their feedback.



The crepe paper flowers I made were by far my favorite decoration.  I also made fun facts sheets for all the tables which I think added a nice touch to the dining room!



My menu included shrimp jambalaya, Cajun chicken, red beans and rice, collard greens with bacon, whipped yams, quartered beets, and corn bread.



The biggest success by far was the Cajun chicken, which was a new recipe I introduced and was SUPER nervous about.  I’ll share it with you guys soon because it’s amazingly delicious!

Once the meal was over it was a huge weight lifted from my shoulders! The rest of the week was full of lots of busy work.  I’ve managed to complete quite a few of my smaller projects and my wellness proposal that I’ve been working on.

I have my presentation on sugar on Tuesday that I’m really nervous for and then a huge green dining project and then I’m done!  I actually kind of want to cry because I feel like I have so much to do, but I know I’ll get it all done.

I went on an 8 mile run this morning and I ended up with a pretty bad headache this afternoon, probably from it, hormones, stress, and the weather changing all combined.  Luckily I’ve gotten it under control so I’m going to be able to work more on my presentation tonight!

I’ve got a full week and then the Shamrock Run next weekend! My roommate is going to be gone all week, I’m sad 😦

Hope you’re getting a touch of spring! We surely aren’t here.  Got a little tease yesterday and then back to rain today.

Gotta love Oregon!

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Week 20 Recap



This week started with this delicious breakfast…which included a small piece of marionberry pie, because last Sunday was my birthday!  I turned the big 2-4, meaning in less than a year I will be 25.  It actually does not seem possible to me that I’m at this point in my life.  Sometimes I feel like the years are passing so quickly and I’m not getting anything done, but then I realize I’ve got a bachelor’s degree, a heck of a lot of work experience under my belt, and I’m about 6 months away from becoming an RDN.  So actually, I have done quite a lot!

My parents came last weekend to see me and they brought Miss Ruby with them.  She is such a petite little thing! Only 47 lbs and she’s over a year old…and a golden retriever, so you would expect her to be a little bigger by now!



This little goober has a scar on her nose from getting into the mandarin tree at my parents house. Silly girl!

For my birthday my parents got me some clip in cycling shoes to use for spin classes and they were on like super super sale at REI so we ended up spending much less than we anticipated!  So because of that, I also got some padded bike shorts and some running lights for when I run at night.  Plus I had a few good meals and my brother sent them up with some of his home brew, which was really tasty! He just needs to figure out how to get it carbonated next time…

I’m feeling better about my rotation this week.  I think I’ve become more comfortable with the fact that I’ll be working on a million things at once and then all of a sudden at the end they’ll all come together and I’ll be finished.

I started off the week working wait staff most of Monday which I really enjoyed!  It gave me the opportunity to interact with the residents and get my name and face out there so they know who I am.  The residents there are so great, they really love the dietetic interns and it makes the environment so welcoming.  I also got to work with the baker and the dishwashers.  I learned a TON from the baker, she is so amazing.

I got one huge thing out of the way this week, I set the menu for my theme meal.  I’m doing Mardi Gras dinner, which I’m super excited about, but it took me a while to get a menu together for it.  After getting it approved on Thursday I was able to enter my recipes in the menu program on Friday (with the help of my preceptor) so next week when the production records and menus get printed for the following week my meal will be on there and ready to go!  I’m really excited, it’s a huge step in the right direction for that project!

After I finished at my rotation on Friday I headed straight up to Portland instead of going back to Corvallis.  In my sorority in college there were 5 girls in my pledge class, including me, who all had February birthdays.  We made it a tradition to celebrate it together every year and those girls became some of my closest friends in college.



I had so many fun times with them!

Friday was Meghan’s birthday, so she invited me to come up to Portland and go out with her and then spend the night at her house.  Since my rotation is already on the way to Portland, of course I said yes!  We had a fun night and it was so good to see some of my friends who I love and miss so much.  I need to move back to Portland to be close to them.  Sometimes I consider moving somewhere else, but I think I would be happiest in Portland.

It really hit me how much we have all grown up.  We went to a bar in downtown Portland and because of our large group, we had trouble finding a table in the bar area that would fit all of us.  A nice waitress suggested we go into the upstairs area because there were empty tables up there in the back.  Well, apparently, this bar has a night club in it upstairs on Friday night.  Two years ago, we would have most likely downed some drinks and then gotten out on the dance floor to dance.  In fact I know we would have because that is exactly how I celebrated my 22nd birthday.  It’s just not our thing anymore though.  I would have much rather just sat in the bar, had a few drinks, and catch up with my friends.

Eventually that’s what’s happened and we all laughed about our experience upstairs.

It’s crazy to see our lives changing in front of our eyes! I’ve known these friends since I was 19 years old.  It’s so nice to have them by my side still as my life continues to change and as theirs do as well.  I hope that I’ll have them by my side for a very long time in the future!


Dietetic Internship · Food Service · Life · Weekly Recap

Week 19 Recap



I totally went MIA last week because I was way too busy.  I hope that doesn’t become a habit but I once again realized how insanely busy my life is when I have to commute! I actually don’t have enough time to fit everything I want to do into my days anymore.  Since I graduated college I’ve been much better at sleeping 7-8 hours a night and my life is so much better when I give my body and my brain time to recharge!  So as much as I want to skip out on sleep to do more things, I’m trying to take a different approach and allow myself to relax.

I started at the retirement community on Monday and there are some parts of it that I have sincerely enjoyed so far but other parts have made me question a lot of things.   Two days last week I solely devoted to working in the kitchen and learning how everything was run.  I worked with the cooks, the diet aides, and the salad bar prep.

I really enjoyed those two days a lot because it was stuff that I was very comfortable and familiar with and I catch on to those types of tasks extremely quickly so I was able to work independently and be confident about what I was doing.  The other parts of the week I felt a lot of uncertainty and I can’t quite figure it out.  It probably comes down to the fact that I am shy deep down and if I get out of my comfort zone that can really take over.

I think I’m just really overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do in this rotation and I just can’t focus on a clear path to get them all started and successfully finish them.  A lot of them require venturing out of the office I’m in and for some reason that makes me extremely nervous.  I’m fine with going out into the dining room and talking to the resident’s, so I don’t really understand what’s up.  All I know is I hope that I can get over that this week and start getting some projects rolling!