WIAW: Hello Thanksgiving

Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow? I worked Thursday – Monday (and had the most ridiculously busy work weekend of my entire life) and then made the long, 10 hour drive home yesterday. I arrived home before dinner and got to enjoy a delicious meal with my family. We had salmon that my dad caught in Alaska a few months ago and it was so so good!

I wanted to sleep in this morning, but I got woken up by this needy creature…


She got herself trapped on my bed (because there is a lot of extra crap shoved in my room right now) so I had to get up and carry her off my bed and into the hallway.

I love mornings at home because they’re so slow and I can enjoy my coffee and make myself whatever I want for breakfast and now worry about any other obligations. Sometimes it’s hard being at home because my parents choose foods that I no longer choose for myself and try as I might, I haven’t been able to convince them to make many changes yet. But change is slow and I know that. So I guess all I can do is lead by example.


This morning I decided to make myself a breakfast burrito with two eggs, some cheese, and salsa. This tends to be a common breakfast for me when I’m at home because it’s easy and it’s delicious. Of course I had some coffee with it and since my mom buys the flavored coffee creamer I had some “gingerbread latte” creamer in it. Those creamers used to be my weakness but after trying some this morning I’m glad I kicked the habit. I couldn’t even taste my coffee!

I had a doctors appointment this morning and then I had to go to the store for some food so I picked up a kombucha while I was there.


Of course, as soon as I got home and sat in a recliner the dog crawled up on my lap again and tried to see what I was drinking. I think she liked the mango smell.


We didn’t have much to make a meal out of for lunch, so since my brother decided to open a can of refried beans for a quesadilla I decided so eat some with some chips and an apple. Soon after lunch my mom got home from work and the Thanksgiving prep began!

Our menu tomorrow includes turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, artichoke-parmesan stuffing, quinoa salad, cranberry sauce, rolls, olives, and pumpkin pie. I already made the cranberry sauce, prepped for my quinoa salad, and prepped for the stuffing.



I ate a baby bell and some Belvita biscuits with peanut butter and almond milk for a snack after I was done with most of the prep.

For dinner we had takeout from one of my favorite Chinese restaurants and since we don’t do cell phones at the dinner table, I didn’t take a picture. I had potstickers, kung pao chicken, rice, and chow mein. So good!

My brother’s girlfriend came over after dinner and brought a chocolate creme pie so I had to have a slice of that too, obviously. She was asking me about what I would be eating for Thanksgiving tomorrow (ie, would I be going all out) and I think that’s a common question for holidays that revolve around food. I wrote a post about holiday meals last year and basically, I will be enjoying my meal tomorrow and go back to my normal after. And my normal will include lots of leftovers 🙂

Have a fantastic holiday and eat something delicious!!




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