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Summertime in the Golden State

So either WordPress changed it’s website or I’m in some strange “new post” area that I’ve never been before…we’ll keep our fingers crossed that I can figure out how to publish this post without anything weird happening! 

I’ve been home for a little over a week now and I’ve had a few lazy days and a few jam packed days. After getting home last Monday I crashed on the couch in the summer heat and immediately Miss Ruby decided she needed to cuddle with me, because that’s what she does.




Of course my mom had to sit and snap a bunch of pictures because Ruby was so determined not to fall off the couch and keep herself on my lap. She’s 50 lbs and doesn’t realize that she might be a little too big to crawl on top of people….


She crawled on me the other day when I was trying to drink my coffee and read. Nothing like having a fur ball laying on top of you when it’s hot!

Anyways, my brother and I went to a San Francisco Giant’s game last Thursday and unfortunately had to watch our team lose. 


I don’t even know when the last time was that I was at a baseball game in SF but I was SO excited to be back! One thing that did bother me was the cost of food. I know that food costs are going up nationally but it was actually ridiculous how much food cost! We spent almost $20 on lunch which consisted of a hotdog each and an order of garlic fries to split. Ballpark food has always been pretty expensive, but this was a whole new experience. 

I still had a lot of fun though!


The weather was perfect that day! I was good about sunscreen and didn’t make my coast sunburn any worse! 

On the 4th of July the plan was for me to go on a long run early in the morning and then we were going to head off to the East side of the Sierra Nevada’s around 9:00. My long run was supposed to be 10 miles and a few miles in I knew I was going to be lucky to make it that far cuz I just was not feeling it at all. I stopped a few times to stretch because my legs felt tired (I took a Body Pump class last Tuesday and it killed my legs). I felt like I was pushing myself so much and my times were getting slower and slower, which was really frustrating.  Finally, I hit the 8 mile mark and thought if I could make it another mile that I would be good. I kept my route close to home so I had the option of cutting it short.  

I was tired and got a little sloppy and was running on a really uneven section of sidewalk that’s all broken up by tree roots. I mis-stepped and somehow twisted my leg, leaving my knee in pain. I tried to keep going but the pain wasn’t going away. I stopped and called my parents, both of who didn’t answer, so I had to keep pushing to get closer to home. Finally I got ahold of them when I was down the street from their house so I just sat down and waited for my dad. I was so upset and couldn’t stop crying. We had a day hike planned for the next day and I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen anymore. 

Luckily, after I showered and wrapped it there wasn’t too much pain and it didn’t swell at all. We were able to do the hike and I experienced minimal pain during the 7.7 miles that we ended up walking. 

The East side of the Sierras are absolutely beautiful!

091 095 100 106




Ruby came with us and had a blast swimming in all the lakes we passed!


Of course Margaritas and Mexican food were necessary after a day of hiking! 

I’ve not had any worsening knee pain and took 2 days off doing any kind of physical activity. I was going to go to Body Pump this morning and then do some cardio after, but when I woke up at 4:30 am (the class is at 5:00 am) I felt sick and decided to go back to sleep. I woke up again at 7:45 and decided to try a short run. My knee felt great but I still felt super sick and had to stop after a mile because I thought I was going to throw up. I was a mile away from home so I did a 2 mile run total and it felt horrible. 

Now I’m sitting in my room feeling like death. I have a headache and my stomach is upset. Honestly, I’m a little worried because I have about 30 mosquito bites since we forgot the bug spray on our hike and a few of them are really painful. Hopefully I don’t have West Nile! 

I got the email this morning saying I can schedule my RD exam. WHAT??????

I listened to my Inman’s Review lectures on my 10 hour drive home but I haven’t studied at all besides that. I have a lot of options for test dates so I think I’ll aim for mid- to late-August.

I can’t believe it’s really happening! I’m going to be a dietitian!!!!

I have orientation at my job starting next Monday. Maybe I’ll feel like posting before then…we’ll see. 


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