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Week 38 Recap


I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but….I’M DONE WITH MY DIETETIC INTERNSHIP!!!!

I literally cannot believe this moment has finally arrived.  I woke up on Friday morning and it felt like Christmas morning, I was so excited! Finishing this internship was also ten times better than finishing a school year, or even college in general, because there are NO FINALS! All I had to do was show up, work a full day, and I was done!

This week was a rollercoaster, just like all the other weeks. I was doing my second week of clinical staff relief at the same city hospital that I did my 10 week clinical rotation at.  Monday was a little more insane than usual because I had to fit in an hour and a half appointment to fill out new hire paperwork and do my drug test, etc.

That’s right….I’m going to be working at the hospital I was interning at!

I was offered the job about 6 weeks ago, but until recently all I really had was a contingent job offer. I completed all my requirements for employment there and now that I’ve finished the internship the job offer is officially official.

It really threw a monkey wrench into my Monday to have to take time to complete all of those appointments, but luckily my awesome preceptor was there to take some of my patients for me.

I know I still have a long ways to go and I have so much to learn, but I feel really confident that I’ll be a successful dietitian at the hospital. The team of dietitians there is so incredibly supportive and caring that I know I’ll be well taken care of while I’m training.

I’m not sure what exactly I’m allowed to call myself during this awkward inbetween period. I signed a paper from the Commission of Dietetics Registration that says I won’t call myself “Registered Dietitian Eligible” and I know I’m not really supposed to call myself just a “dietitian” so hopefully my new boss can provide me some direction with that!

I don’t start working until July 14 so I get a two week break before I jump head first into a job! I’ll essentially be scheduled per diem, but I’ll be training full time and likely will be taking my test shortly after my training period, since it’ll probably be around 6 weeks. So all my plans about being able to study full time this summer to prepare are gone!

I’m driving home tomorrow and I’ve loaded up the Inman’s Review Course CDs onto my phone to listen to while I drive. I have intentionally not been studying at all because I was overwhelmed enough with the internship and staff relief, so it’s kind of scary to realize now is the time that I actually have to start studying and I can’t avoid it any longer.

Immediately after finishing up at the hospital on Friday I drove down to Eugene to meet up with one of the other interns and we took off to the coast to meet up with three of the other interns for a camping trip! It wasn’t real camping because we stayed in a yurt and therefore had electricity and real beds, but after an exhausting week it was close enough to camping for me!


The weather ended up not being half bad. It absolutely poured on Friday night but then after that it cleared up on Saturday and we even got some sunshine in the afternoon! It was a really fun trip but I am beyond exhausted now. I got home a little before 1 this afternoon and it’s taken so much effort to unpack and do laundry and deal with all of that. I also have to pack again for 2 weeks at home. I’ll be making the 10 hour drive tomorrow morning!

Now that I’m done with the internship I’m not sure what the blog is going to turn into, but I’ll post while I’m home with my next plan for this site!


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