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Week 37 Recap


Well, I can officially say that I survived my first week of clinical staff relief! It was the most exhausting week I think I’ve ever had as an intern but it was so great to know that I am capable of being a dietitian and I really have come such a long way this year.

I got to the hospital at 7 AM on Monday morning and immediately felt very overwhelmed.  The hospital I’m at has 6 RD positions and for staff relief each of us interns get assigned a position to cover.  I’m “RD5” for these two weeks, meaning I cover the med tele floor, inpatient rehab, and general surgery. I’m really thankful that I spent my 10 weeks at the hospital so late in the year because I didn’t need a refresher on how to screen my area for patients and I was aware of some of the major changes that have been made with the work flow of the positions.

I started by screening my area and realized that not only did I have quite a few patients on my list (I had around 10 every day this week), but a few of them were VERY messy patients, meaning I would need to spend some time on them.  One of them was even a possible TPN which nearly put my anxiety over the edge.

Don’t worry though, I survived 🙂

Although we were covering areas, the dietitians that normally work those positions were there and available as resources.  When I was there strictly as an intern I asked a lot of questions without putting that much thought in beforehand.  This time I tried to take a different approach and I really thought about things before I would ask a question.

By the end of the week I really feel like I got settled in and I know next week will go a lot more smoothly.  I’m actually kind of glad I had such complicated patients this week because it was good to have to work through those scenarios but to still have a preceptor there to guide me.  All our notes still have to be cosigned and I did have changes made to about half of mine, but I think my notes improved as the week went on.

Another huge accomplishment: I finished on time every day! I think this is especially important because I need to know I can step into a clinical dietitian position and be able to handle the workload and not have my employer on my case about overtime.

Last night, after an exhausting week, we got to celebrate with a little graduation reception.  Unfortunately, most of the preceptors didn’t show up, but I had a lot of fun with the interns and some of their boyfriends/husbands.  Plus our director was there and she is one of the most entertaining people I’ve ever met.

We all gave each other little awards and I got the one above.  Future interns out there: this is an excellent idea for an end of the year get together! We all nominated each other for awards (we had no guidelines so some of the nominations were hilarious) and then had a voting process. At our last class day we all drew names out of a hat and that was our intern that we had to create an award for. It was all a secret so yesterday we presented each other with our awards and a little gift and we spent the entire time cracking up. We read all the nominations before we presented the awards so that made it even better.

I can’t believe I only have a week left! My post wrapping up the internship will be a little delayed since all of us interns, minus 2 who can’t make it, are going on a little beach trip starting immediately after we finish on Friday.  I am really looking forward to it because this has been an insane 10 months! After that I’m headed down to California for a little two week vacation to visit my family.

So many exciting things on the horizon!!!!


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