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Week 35 Recap



Can you tell I’m excited to be nearing the end of this program??

It’s not because I don’t enjoy it or because I don’t like my internship, I’m just ready to be done.  I’m ready for a break and I’m ready to start working and take my test and start moving forward with life!

This week was very similar to last week.  I did a lot of data entry and it was extremely relaxed and low key.  It was such a nice break from the intensity of the rest of the internship but at the same time it just had me counting down the days even more since I could practically taste summer on the horizon.  The weather has been so nice here and it makes me want to be outside all the time.

I planted my garden recently so it has become part of my routine to go down to it after I get home and give it a good watering.  The soil was incredibly dry when I planted so I’ve been trying extra hard to give it some moisture!  All of my plants have survived so far and are getting bigger, which I’m really excited about!

Yesterday was our last class day ever, which seems like it can’t possibly be true.  We talked a little about preparing for the RD exam but since that’s been a topic of many discussions through out the year and all of us have study materials already, we didn’t focus too much on that.  We did get the paperwork all filled out for our tests though so once we finish our director can sign them, scan them, and submit them electronically.  We’ve been told it’ll be 8-10 weeks before we can test so either late August- early to mid September.

I can guarantee there will be posts in the future that detail my studying. I chose to purchase the 2014 Inman’s Review and even though it practically cost me an arm and a leg I think it was worth it for me since I won’t feel like I am missing out on one of the best study programs out there.

Yesterday I was also able to submit my intern portfolio that my program director will need in the future for accreditation.  It’s essentially just extra proof that there are specific objectives assigned for us interns to complete and that I did complete them.  It didn’t take much effort to pull it together since I’ve been keeping up with it during the year but it still feels great to have it done!


Yesterday, after getting out of class, I got a notification on my door saying I had a package at the apartment office.  My dad got me a Buster Posey jersey!!!!!  I have been wanting a Giants jersey for the longest time and I am beyond excited to finally have one!  I’ll be home for two weeks in July so I’m already trying to find a time to go to a game with my brother.


Last night I also did the Neon Night 5k on campus that was supporting the YMCA.  It started around 9:15, just as the last daylight was fading, and went through the Oregon State campus.  They did a fantastic job of lighting the course with glow sticks and making sure there were volunteers directing everyone.

I haven’t run a timed 5k since college so I decided to run it even though I had friends walking it.  I’ve been battling foot pain that appears to be tendonitis so I was a little nervous to give it my all during the run.  Thankfully, this week the pain has been significantly better and I had no problem with pain during the run.

The run had a large amount of walkers, so by about 1/2 mile in I found myself near the front of the pack.  After running competitively in high school when I get into a race situation I can’t help but try to beat everyone around me.  I had a ton of fun because I knew it was only a 5k and I could go all out without burning out, so I let myself get a little competitive with the runners around me.

I finished 20th overall, which just proves there weren’t a lot of runners, and my time was 27:00, or a 8:43 mile split time.  My fastest 5k time in high school was 24:06 and I distinctly remember hitting the first mile during that race and my first mile time being 6:32.  I remember it so clearly because that was way too fast for me during a 5k and I slowed down after it.  It makes me laugh because I thought I was so slow in high school just because I wasn’t the fastest girl on the team.  I wish I could go back to that discouraged, 17 year old version of myself and tell her “you will never be this fast again, enjoy it!”

My 24 year old body just can’t run as fast as my 17 year old body could!


Today started off with a large cup of coffee, since I went to bed around 11:30 last night since the race went so late.  Then I made myself this delicious veggie filled breakfast and ventured out to the farmer’s market.  I was happy to see that the produce is finally in full swing and there was loads to choose from at the farmer’s market!

I walked away with a pint of strawberries, a pint of sugar snap peas, a bunch of radishes, and a bunch of sweet pea flowers. I absolutely despise raw radishes but I’ve been told that you can roast them and that they take on a whole new flavor, so I’m excited to try them!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!


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