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Week 32 Recap


My dad sent me this picture of me and my mom on Mother’s Day…I think I was probably 7 in this picture if it’s the camping trip I think it was.  We used to go camping at least twice a year so it’s kind of hard to remember all of them now…

Anyways, this was my second week in outpatient at the hospital and it started off super slow!

I was going to help with a cooking class on Monday night that went from 6-8, but I had to miss half a day earlier in my hospital rotation so I decided that I would just go in at my normal time and have a really long day to make up for missing time earlier.  Well, all of the morning appointments ended up cancelling or not showing up so I didn’t see anyone in the morning.  I was planning on taking a break between my day and the cooking class but when I wandered into the kitchen around 3:30 to talk to the dietitian who runs them the cook was already there and they put me straight to work!

I wish I would have taken pictures of what we made because it was all delicious!  We started out with sauteed bell pepper and pesto crostinis, then had butter lettuce salad with avocado and radishes and tarragon dressing.  The main entree was eggplant and tomato napoleons and dessert was roasted pears in a ginger sauce.  It was all so good!

I got to talk about mindful eating while the napoleons were being assembled and although it can be an emotional topic for a lot of people, I think it went over really well and got a lot of people thinking about their eating habits.

mindful eating

I’ll have to do a post on mindful eating sometime, it’s gaining a lot of popularity and becoming recognized as a really effective way of helping clients.

This week was such a roller coaster of emotions.  I feel like I have senioritis and I’m just so over everything!  I’ve had to deal with a lot of really petty things this year, outside of the internship itself, but I know that once the internship is over those things will be resolved and I literally can’t wait until that day comes.

I also had to completely let go of any plan I had for my future after this internship.  I got some very exciting news this week (I will share it once the internship is over) but it means that all my plans are out the window!  It also has left me feeling incredibly selfish because it’s great news for my life but not so great news for some of those who I’m close to.  For the first time in my life I feel incredibly happy and incredibly guilty at the same time and it’s a really weird place to be.

Yesterday was our second to last class day and our last wellness consults! For the first time, I felt like both of my wellness consults went well and I was able to provide them with information that could help them.  One of them even lasted over and hour which never happens for me!

Well, I’m gonna go on a run and then continue chipping away at my massive case study that I have to present Thursday!  I can’t believe I’m already at my last week at the hospital! CRAZY!


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