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Week 31 Recap


This week was so long and so crammed full of stuff I’m having a hard time remembering all of it!

I started in outpatient nutrition at the hospital this week and as soon as I met my preceptor on Monday morning I knew it was going to be a crazy day! We had 6 appointments all crammed in and every single one of them showed up…which is something that rarely happens in the outpatient world!

Four of those six required interpreters, which just added to how exhausting the day was, especially since one of them needed an ASL interpreter.

I left that first day feeling completely overwhelmed and exhausted and somehow managed to drag myself to the gym before coming home.

On Tuesday I got to start participating in my Diabetes Self-Management Therapy classes that the hospital offers to those who are newly diagnoses with diabetes.  That day was much more laid back because there weren’t a million appointments and I got to sit in a two hour class and soak up a lot of information that I already knew.


It’s been an interesting experience so far.  Before the class participants start the class, they have a 1:1 appointment with RN who is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), who gives them the basics about the disease and sets them up with a meter and all that fun stuff.  Then they participate in 4 2-hour classes and then finish off by having an 1:1 with on of the RD’s in outpatient to start using the skills they learned in class by planning some meals.

On Tuesday I was given a meter and told that I needed to test my blood glucose for a week and keep a food log.  Sounds easy enough, right? Well, I can tell you, that is a lot to ask of a person.  I’ve accidentally skipped checking my blood glucose a few times and my food logs are mostly from memory so I’m sure I’m missing things.

I feel for the people who are newly diagnosed and thrown into this class…it’s overwhelming!

The rest of the week was all over the place…literally!  I’m working on a project that requires me to understand scheduling, insurance verification, and billing, and the people I had to interview are not actually located on the hospital campus.  I had to make a few trips to a different location to talk to them and I learned how complex the process of getting someone in to see a dietitian actually is.

One of the outpatient dietitians also does appointments for cancer patients so for the first time in the 2 months I’ve been at the hospital I got the chance to go into the cancer institute building.  It is SO NICE inside!  Such a soothing and welcoming environment and all the staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful.  I got the chance to sit in on a few outpatient sessions with some cancer patients and it was an interesting experience.

They also opened up a new dining concept in the cancer institute that is really focused on meeting the needs of the cancer patients.  Their menu features a lot of items, like smoothies, that are appealing for those receiving chemotherapy.  My preceptor was kind enough to buy me a smoothie because she wanted me to try one and tell her what I thought.  It was strawberry, peach, watermelon and only had the fruit and a splash of orange juice.  The entire 16 oz cup was under 200 calories, which amazed me.  It was definitely very refreshing and not overly sweet, but after I finished it I felt like I didn’t want to eat any fruit for the rest of the day!

After a long week I did something crazy yesterday….


I cut nearly a foot off my hair!

Her’s how long it was before I got it cut:


As much as I’ve always loved having long hair, it feels good to have something new.  I cut my hair fairly short right before I graduated high school but looking back it wasn’t this short.  I think the last time I had it this short was when I was 14-15, so this is the first time in a decade I’ve had short hair!

I’m donating my braid of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and they make wigs specifically for cancer patients, which is really exciting.

I actually have no idea how to style my hair now and I think it’ll be a learning experience to see what I can still do to it now that it’s so short!

It’s supposed to be sunny and warm today so I have a run planned for this afternoon and then I have a ton of work to get done for my internship.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


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