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Week 26 Recap


The crazy spring weather is here! I saw more than a few rainbows this week thanks to the rain/sun combination that we’ve been getting.  I just find it so exciting when it start pouring down rain all of a sudden while the sun is still out…as long as I’m not outside in the rain, of course.


I also successfully gave blood last Saturday! Pint number 5 for me 🙂 I had a reaction, like I usually do, but I alerted the nurses immediately and they were able to keep me stable enough to finish off the pint.  As the attractive male nurse told me, if I could get away with only giving 3/4 of a pint I would probably be fine.  I totally agree with that because it’s always at the very end that I start to get super hot and sweaty and lose all my color.  My little body just doesn’t want to give up that much blood!

I think I may have mentioned this before, but I’ve become pretty passionate about giving blood.  I’ve had family members receive multiple transfusions and I am so grateful that someone donated that blood.  I want to be able to give back in the same way because no one should ever not have blood available if they need it!


I replenished my iron that night with a spinach power salad and a cup of black bean soup from Panera!  Some sort of red meat would have probably been more appropriate, but oh well.  I’m not a red meat fan.


This week was week 3 at the hospital and I’ve finally gotten used to wearing a lab coat around all the time and always being mistaken for a doctor when I walk into a patient room. The funny thing is, most of the doctors don’t actually wear lab coats, it’s basically just the care management nurses, the dietitians, and the pharmacists.

I’ve moved on to my second preceptor and I absolutely LOVE working with her! She’s young and really quiet and she’s not afraid to tell me when I need to do something differently, which I really appreciate.  I receiving praise all the time because I feel like I’m not learning anything and I feel like it’s too easy to get an ego and start slacking off.

We’ve been monitoring the medical telemetry unit, in-patient rehab (don’t think drug rehab, think physical therapy rehab), and the general surgery unit. I had some really great moments this week and some really bad moments this week.  There was a patient that told me I was his life saver and then there was the nurse who was extremely rude to me.  Sometimes you catch people at really good times, sometimes you catch them at really bad times!  I think working in a hospital is all about learning to roll with whatever gets thrown your way.

I’m working this weekend as assistant dietary manager and I’m a little nervous since I haven’t been there since Thanksgiving and even at that time I felt like everything was different and I didn’t know what I was doing.  Thankfully my friend Tiffany, who is also a coworker and college friend, is letting me stay with her tomorrow night. She’s one of the other assistant dietary managers so I’ll be able to ask her any questions I need to.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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