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Week 25 Recap


It’s spring time in Corvallis!!!! Over the weekend we had gorgeous weather and all the trees and flowers were in full bloom!  Of course that didn’t do much good for those who suffer from allergies, but it sure was beautiful.

I was house sitting last weekend and got to spend some time in the sunshine walking two golden retrievers.  One was about the sweetest dog I’ve ever met and reminded me of my family’s old golden, Emma, but the other one was devious.  They kept me on my toes!  I also got to sleep in a huge bed and watch cable TV so I was a happy camper all around 🙂


After my weekend full of dog hair I started my second week at the hospital.  It was my second week with my first preceptor (if that makes sense…) and I definitely had a better week working with her.  I was so completely overwhelmed the first week and spent so much time trying to learn everything and I’m really glad that I did that.  I need to keep it up and not slack off, but it’s nice to come home and not feel the panic of not knowing anything.

I know a lot, I’m just having to relearn a fair amount of material that I haven’t used in 2+ years.


I also decided this is an excellent opportunity for me to start making some study materials for my RD exam that is now less than 6 months away.  I’m hoping I can take it before I move at the end of August.

By the end of the week I was writing tube feed orders like a pro and able to chart independently with just my preceptor giving the okay before I clicked “sign” and fully submitted it.  Of course everything I do has to be co-signed, but it’s nice to work out any changes before that step.

I’m starting with a new preceptor on Monday and I’ll be with her for 7 days.  It’s a different floor but still just a med/surg floor so I won’t be seeing anything vastly different than what I was seeing on the floors I was on.  I am a little glad to be done with the oncology floor though…it’s not a fun place to be.  I honestly felt like I made the most impact on that floor, more because being able to eat is just good for a person’s morale and can give them back a sense of control when they feel like they have none, but it’s hard to see people dying.  It’s just really hard.

After this next preceptor I head to neuro-trama and intermediate care for 2 days, so that should be interesting.

I really love the hospital environment. I can’t wait to learn more and be more confident in my abilities and knowledge!

I’m giving blood tomorrow and after seeing the amount of blood transfusions people get in a hospital and knowing that I have a more rare blood type I am extra thankful that I have the ability to give back in that way.  I hope I don’t nearly pass out this time.

Wish me luck!


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