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Week 17 Recap



You guys, I actually had a good week at a community rotation! It was possible!

That being said, I still don’t think it’s where I will ever want to end up.

So this week started off with me still being sick which was definitely a bummer.  I went to the school district on Monday morning because I thought I was okay.  I was still not feeling that great but I took some medicine and sucked it up.  Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst pretty quickly and around 11:30 my medicine was making me nauseous so I headed home.  I coughed all night that night and when I woke up Tuesday morning I just knew I would not be able to go in so I sent off an email and went back to sleep.

I actually was able to get one of my simpler projects completed on Tuesday so it wasn’t a total waste of a day.  On Wednesday I came in feeling much better and was actually happy to be back at the school district.  I spent the day working away on multiple projects and the time seemed to just fly by which was so nice!

Thursday morning I was at Central Kitchen at 7 AM to help the manager refine some problems with production reports.  We worked for 2 hours on them and made some changes I feel really good about.  I hope they’ll help eliminate some of the current problems with production!

Central Kitchen is located at one of the high schools so after we were done with production stuff I got a tour of their snack bar and got to watch their breakfast service that the high school kids have during their first break.



Their drink display in the snack bar is seriously impressive.  Apparently if it’s not fully stocked and beautiful all the time the kids will just pass it by.

Why are high schoolers so picky?!?!

Watching the breakfast service at the school was kind of like watching….actually I don’t know anything to compare it to.  Basically, the break is 10 minutes long so all of a sudden there is a HUGE flood of students that come in.  They know exactly what they want, so they don’t spend much time browsing, so they just grab it and get in the check out line.  They have some staple breakfast items every day to eliminate the need for them to take much time deciding.  They are in, out, and eating with their friends in a matter of minutes.

It was overwhelming to watch!

Today I got to go to the USDA commodity food show in Portland with my preceptor and a few other gals from the district office.  We spent 3 hours sampling foods and filling our bags with the items they had for us to take home.  By the time we were done I was incredibly full, my feet hurt, my bag was full, and I just wanted to lay down on the floor in exhaustion!



It was a really fun experience though! I’m glad I got to go.  It was so cool to see all the foods that are available for school food service! We definitely left with a few ideas of additions to the menu for next school year.

Next week is my last week at the school district and it’s going to be packed with things to do!  I have to give two presentations and complete all my projects, as well as work on my study guide for the next rotation.

Life is busy busy busy!


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