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Week 16 Recap



This recap might be a little short today, I’m really not feeling very well and staring at a computer screen is making me kind of nauseous.

I did a lot of site visits this week by myself to different elementary schools and supper programs throughout the district, so I got to rock my double nametags almost daily.  Since my official intern school district badge doesn’t have my name on it, I started wearing my other nametag on the lanyard so if someone doesn’t know my name they actually have something to look at.  I got tired of people looking at my intern badge only to find it didn’t have a name and then awkwardly having to ask me what my name was.  So now I’m voluntarily walking around schools with two name tags on.  It’s fine.

Although I’ve established the fact that community nutrition isn’t my thing multiple times now, I will say that I have met some incredible people this rotation while I’m out at schools doing site visits.  Almost all the kitchen managers take so much pride in their jobs and really try to do the best that they can.  They sincerely care about all the kids and want to do what’s best for them.  It’s so refreshing to see people who love their jobs!



My other GGLittle, Conchita, turned 21 on Wednesday so I went an met up with her and some other girls at one of the bars near campus to celebrate.  I wish you could see what that shot actually looks like, there is a reason she has that look on her face!



I’ve also started running again.  I’m running the Shamrock Run 15k on March 16 so I have less than two months now to prepare for that.  I ran on Monday and yesterday and both times 4 miles were a little more difficult than I expected.  I need to find a day during the week that I can run since just weekends is not enough at all.  I just wish it didn’t get dark so early still!



We’ve had some warmer, sunny weather lately and I am absolutely loving it! I think the rain starts again tomorrow or Tuesday which I’m not super happy about but oh well.  The sun was nice while it lasted!

I can’t believe I’m starting week 17 of this internship tomorrow.  I think I might actually be halfway done at this point!



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