Book Review

Book Review: Gone Girl

gone girl


I finally finished another book! As I’ve mentioned before, I mostly read at the gym when I’m doing cardio.

Since I was living in Portland for 2 weeks and then after that I was home for 2 weeks in California, I didn’t really have much opportunity to read because I was probably at the gym half a dozen times in those 4 weeks.

I finally got a new gym membership and was able to start on the last bit of this book that I had late.  Oh my goodness, the ending made me so mad!  The ending felt like a cop out, like the author couldn’t decide how to end the book so she just left it open ended.

Anyways, you might like to know what the story is about, right?

If you intend on reading this book I suggest you stop reading now.  I’m including spoilers.

The book starts by introducing the main characters Amy and Nick.  Each chapter switches back and forth between their separate perspectives, Amy writing in a dairy in retrospective and Nick talking about the present.  As Amy is describing the first 7 years of their relationship Nick is talking about the present, the fact that Amy, his wife, has mysteriously gone missing on their 5th wedding anniversary.  Immediately, it looks like Nick has killed Amy although he doesn’t admit doing it and fights to remain innocent.  As this section of the book progresses, you learn about the twisted, dark, and heartbreaking relationship and marriage that Nick and Amy have had.  Right as you’re feeling bad for Amy and hating Nick, convinced he is a killer, this section ends.

The second section of the book begins with us learning that Amy is in fact a liar and everything in the diary was false.  As Nick falls deeper and deeper into the hole of being guilty Amy continues to reveal her twisted, demented plan to frame her husband for her murder.  She is on the run and has put so much planning into her disappearance that it seems impossible something could go wrong. Unfortunately for her, all it takes is one slip up for her plans to come crashing down and she is forced to seek refuge with her obsessive ex boyfriend, Desi.

Meanwhile, Nick has realized his wife’s deceptive ways and is convinced she is framing him and alive somewhere.  Since no one seems to believe him and he has no solid evidence to prove his point, Nick launches is own plan to make Amy fall back in love with him and reveal herself.  It works.  After a few heartfelt interviews Amy is convinced she has to find a way back to Nick.  The only problem is Desi is holding her hostage in his lake house and she has no way to escape.

So as any disturbed individual would do, Amy launches another dark plan.  She murders Desi and comes to the police with a story about Desi kidnapping her from her home and holding her hostage for months while the abused and raped her.  They believe the story and she returns home to Nick.  The only problem is Nick is not so excited to have her home.

I’ll leave it at that 🙂 Really, go read this book.  It’s incredibly twisted and more than a little graphic and profane but it will suck you in because it is so unpredictable.  The content actually surprised me when I first started it because my mom recommended it to me, but she is a huge Stephen King fan so I’m actually not surprised at all that she loved it.

I highly recommend this book, my review does not do it justice!


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