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Week 13 Recap



Well last week was waaayyyy crazier than any other week so far.

It started out with a class day that we had to reschedule from the day that it snowed.  It was one of the more laid back class days that we had which was good because I think we were all a little mentally checked out and were ready for our winter break to get here.

We had our intern Christmas party, complete with a white elephant gift exchange and fun sunglasses (thanks Anne!) so we had fun exchanging gifts and taking pictures in our funny glasses.  After that I headed home to pack my stuff and head back to Portland for the week.  I finalized my Christmas shopping on Monday afternoon and felt much more at ease during the week not having to worry about presents too!

I got this awesome scarf from the white elephant exchange that I wore on Tuesday because I love it so much! I’m gonna wear it tomorrow for Christmas to because the colors are perfect.



The rest of the week at my rotation just absolutely flew by.  I had a lot to do and a short period of time to do it in.  I got nervous that I wasn’t going to get it  all done by Friday but somehow I managed to pull it off.  Two weeks is NOT long enough for a rotation at all.  I felt totally out of my element the whole time I was there and never really got the chance to connect with everyone because I was too busy trying to get all my work done.  I did enjoy it though!

On Wednesday I was irresponsible and decided it was more important to see my friends after my rotation instead of working on things.  My friend who goes to nursing school in Nashville was back for a week so I had to see her!  We went to Kell’s in downtown Portland and had Guinness and quesadillas.  It was much better than working on important things, even though I regretted my irresponsibility the next morning…


After a long week I came back to Corvallis on Saturday and moved that afternoon.  I’m so excited about my new living situation, I truly feel like it’s the best place I could be living right now and I’m glad I took the initiative to make the move happen even thought it hasn’t been easy at all.  2014 is going to start off on the right foot!

I still can’t believe I’m done with FOUR rotations now.  I start at the school district in January but until then I’m just going to relax and enjoy having a break since I know it’s going to be a looooong time before I get another one!


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