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Week 12 Recap



Well this sure has been a crazy week, I am completely exhausted!

My week started on Sunday with me packing up and heading to Portland to my relative’s house for the week.  I was greeted by their 12 lb, 3 year old poodle, Max, who was not so happy to have me around.  He barked and growled at me and refused to let me pet him.  I am NOT a small dog person, at all, and I think he knew it.

We sat down for dinner and I immediately felt comfortable with my “grandpa” and “grandma” which was so nice.  We watched some TV after dinner and then I went to be fairly early.  Had to be ready for my first day at my new rotation!

I ended up leaving way too early on Monday morning.  I’ve lived in Portland before but I never had to go to or from work during commuter hours, so I just didn’t know how long it was going to take me.  It’s a good thing I was a little early though, I was able to stop and get gas and then catch up on some blogs in my car before I trekked through the arctic cold of the parking lot to the warmth of the dairy council office.  And I was still like 10 minutes early.

I got settled in pretty easily.  My preceptor introduced me to everyone, showed me my cubicle, gave me a tour, discussed my projects, meetings I would attend, other events, etc and then let me go and start on my work.  It was a little overwhelming at first to hear all that I had to do in 2 weeks but I’ve been managing.

I’m going to have to wrap up one of my more time consuming projects this weekend though because I just don’t think I’m going to have time to do it only at my rotation.

The only downside to staying with my relatives was that I truly couldn’t go home and relax.  I got more comfortable as the week went on but I really wanted to be able to spend time with them in the evenings.  They are my family after all!

My “grandma” is a wonderful cook! All of her meals were fantastic and she has a sweet tooth just about as big as mine.  Chocolate chip cookies and apple pie were on the menu for dessert which was fine by me 🙂



Also, by Monday night Max had a change of heart and decided that he and I could be friends.  He spent a lot of time next to me on the couch after that.  He is kind of cute when he’s not growling at you.  Kind of…

On Thursday I got to go to a Fuel Up to Play 60 assembly at an elementary school that had all of their students and staff sign the pledge to eat healthy and be active.  It was so inspiring to see all the kids excited about healthy eating and physical activity!  The assembly featured NFL player Anthony Newman, who gave the kids an awesome talk and got them even more pumped up.  It was a great way to spend my morning!

The school was in a rural area and the drive out there was gorgeous.  Everything was covered in ice that morning and it looked like a Christmas card!



On Friday we were invited to sit in the audience for AM Northwest at KATU, the local news station.  We were invited because they were doing a segment called Celebrating Oregon Agriculture and somehow there was a connection to the dairy council.  When we got there we discovered they had too many people in the audience so my preceptor, the OHSU intern, and I all got to go “behind the scenes” and see where they prep all the stuff for the show.  It was actually much more interesting than just sitting in the audience the whole time!

We were able to stand and watch the show being filmed and got shuffled around a bit but it all ended up working out and we all enjoyed ourselves a lot!  It was just very interesting to see how they film a TV show.  Plus we got free cookbooks! Score!

050049 052


I got my hair cut this morning and then headed back to Corvallis to start packing up my apartment.  I’m moving next Saturday!  I’m really excited, I think it’s going to be a good thing for my life.

Hopefully I’ll be back again before next weekend!



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