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Week 11 Recap



So this is what was outside my window yesterday morning at 6:30 AM!  I have lived in Oregon for 5 years now and this is the most snow I have ever experienced.  This is also the most snow this area has gotten in 20 years.  We got about 8 inches yesterday, so a LOT! 

We were supposed to have a class day yesterday but since we have some girls are commuters and the little highway coming into town was requiring chains our class was cancelled for the day! Usually this would have been great to have a snow day to relax, but I’ve been dealing with a lot of other personal stuff in my life, outside the internship, and I was planning on going up to Portland last night for my work Christmas party.  Well, as this picture depicts, there was a little too much snow for my Toyota Corolla to handle and the roads were nasty, so I decided not to dig my car out and chain it up.  It really bummed me out that I couldn’t get away for the night and have fun. 

But that’s not important. Back to the internship.

I had a great last week at the nursing center.  I was really stressed out going into the week because I had ALL of my projects left to do and I had essentially 3 days to do it all.  I came in on Monday morning and told my preceptor how stressed I was and she was immediately willing to work something out with me.  I had really been enjoying just charting and pretty much working as an RD for the days that she was gone.  My preceptor was really impressed with the work that I had done while she was done, which was awesome to hear, and wanted to continue giving me opportunities to build off of what I had already done.  

I ended up getting one big project waived because all the charting I had done really covered it anyways, it would have just been charting done in a more formal way.  I did do a few of my smaller projects though, or made them into smaller projects.  I had one where I was supposed to watch a swallow evaluation with the speech therapist and then follow that same resident’s nutrition status as well.  I ended up just watching the swallow evaluation and not doing anything else for that project.  It was really interesting to learn about the kind of work speech therapists do. 

I also got to do a kitchen audit, which to me was kind of second nature.  I worked in a kitchen last year and had to help get ready for the surveyors when they came, so I was already pretty well versed in the things that should be looked for.  Their kitchen was so well run that I only found one thing wrong.  Made my job easy! 

When I got my evaluation from my preceptor she said I am at entry level for long term care at this point!!!! Literally the best feedback I ever ever ever could have imagined getting. Ever.  I left so excited and so sure that I want to do long term care.

I also had a little fun this week too!



I decided to crash the Chi O Christmas sisterhood on Monday night, mostly because I wanted to hear the OSU a Capella group Outspoken sing. I actually felt really sick on Monday, I left my rotation at 3:30, so I probably shouldn’t have gone.  I was fine while I was there but once I got home I felt like I was dying. 

We decorated ornaments, so I naturally made a monogram one 🙂

We also did a secret Santa and I got the best present ever…



Two hand painted Lilly wine glasses by my GGLil Conchita.  I am so obsessed with them! 

Then me and my GGLil Kelsie took a series of extremely attractive photos…



The last few are proof I am abusive to my GLil Devin, hahahahaha juuuust kidding.

I also had the chance to go on a run on Thursday for the first time in a few weeks, it was 30 degrees out, but I still sucked it up and ran 5 miles.

And lastly, I’ll end with more beautiful pictures from the snow!



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