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TOTW: Holiday Meals

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If we’re being honest, a lot of us have some kind of apprehension or anxiety when it comes to holiday meals.

At least I do.

If we’re being honest, last year my anxiety about food almost ruined my holidays.

I wish I was exaggerating about that.

Although I won’t consider large holiday meals “bad” meals, I think it’s important to remember that going overboard a few times during the holiday season is just the same as eating healthy a few days, your overall health is what really matters, not just those few meals.  If you eat healthy most of the time and work out regularly, letting yourself enjoy the stuffing and potatoes and pie is not going to ruin everything you usually do.

Last year, I was way too obsessive about how much I ate on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I found myself focusing more on that then the people I was surrounded with and in the end it just made me feel gross.  I actually know I ate more last year because I was obsessing so much.  It was also my first year away from home for the holidays and instead of taking the time to get to know new people I really think I just ate my feelings.

Like I said, we’re being honest today.

This year, I am happy to report that Thanksgiving went a lot different for me.  I was yet again inspired by the Real Life RD and her post about enjoying Thanksgiving.  I really took this one to heart and it made a world of difference.

I was with Meghan’s family again this year for Thanksgiving and I really think that helped.  Everyone was familiar and I wasn’t spending time introducing myself and trying to feel comfortable.  That being said, her family is awesome.  They are so welcoming and so much fun to be around.  It makes me want a big family, my tiny family never has as much fun as they do!

Instead of worrying about what I was eating, I just ate.  It was Thanksgiving! There are so many other things to think about, like how incredibly blessed I am to have a friend like Meghan whose family will open their arms to friends and visitors.  So I ate appetizers and drank wine and stood in the kitchen just talking and getting to know everyone better.  When the turkey was done I took my plate (and of course my wine) and went down the buffet line filling my plate with all the things I wanted to eat.  I took too many potatoes (like actually too many) but you know what, I love potatoes so I ate them all.

I took a little bit of everything I love (and too many potatoes) on my plate and after I had finished everything, I had no desire to get seconds.  Never in my life have I said that before.  Now listen, there is nothing wrong with seconds and if I hadn’t taken so many potatoes the first round, I know I would have gotten more.  However, this year, I just didn’t want them.  I wasn’t obsessing over my food and it felt soooo good.  So we sat around and talked and drank more wine and then pretty soon it was dessert time.  I took the things I wanted and ate them and after that I was stuffed.  And I was okay with being stuffed.

I felt so happy this year and I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt that way on a holiday that involves a big meal.  I was away from my family this year again and I missed them a ton but I felt lucky to be surrounded by the people I was surrounded with.  After dinner, we went and played apples to apples and I started thinking about how little I had thought about how much I was eating and how much better I felt.  My full stomach made me feel content.  It made me feel lucky that I had that much food to choose from.  I made me grateful that I never have to worry about where my next meal will come from.  It didn’t make me feel guilty about how much I had eaten, like I normally would have.

So for the rest of your holiday meals, whatever they may be, focus on the people around you, not the food you’re eating.

If we’re being honest, I think it’ll make your holidays a lot more enjoyable 🙂




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