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Week 9 Recap



Oregon has been absolutely gorgeous lately…and COLD!

It’s only November! The rain can come back now, I wouldn’t mind it warming up a bit and being wet.

I would settle for some snow too if it’s gonna stay this cold 🙂

I had an excellent week at my new rotation, the nursing center.  It’s continuous care so there is an independent living, assisted, skilled, and a dementia unit.  I pretty much was able to jump right in because coming from the hospital I was comfortable and it basically just took me getting oriented to a new place and new system and then I was off!

I did a LOT of charting this week.  Lots of going and doing assessments and then sitting down and charting.  I really love the amount of time I’m able to pour into what I’m doing.  Every day I have lugged my books and all the stuff I need for charting from the kitchen over to short stay and set up camp in one of the common areas.  I’ve really allowed myself to take my time, use my references, take notes, and think about what is really a practical diagnosis and intervention for each individual I am seeing.

I have gotten a lot of really positive feedback which is incredibly exciting! It’s also kind of scary because I almost want some negative feedback so I can work on something, but I think just doing what I’m doing is going to turn out great in the end.  My preceptor left at noon on Friday and is going to be gone ALL next week.  I’m only there Monday-Wednesday but I am basically the RD while my preceptor is gone.  Like literally, I have to handle everything she usually handles.  It’s a little intimidating but I know without a doubt I can do it.

Also, I met the cutest little lady who I absolutely adore.  I visit her every day just so she has someone to talk to.

I really do think long term care is the field I need to get into after I become an RD.  My heart has been so incredibly full of joy all week and it is the greatest feeling ever 🙂


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