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Week 8 Recap

Two months down already, what???

Also, today it is exactly three months until I turn 24, which is frightening.

I had such a good week! Literally, I have just been happy as a clam, even though I’ve been exhausted, because I’ve been having a lot of fun.

This week was my last week at the little rural hospital.  I really think I want to do a week of staff relief there, I really enjoyed it and was extremely sad to have to leave.  I saw patients on my own all week, a total of 10 I think, and that was an amazing experience!  I have grown so much as an intern in the last 3 weeks and learned so much.  I’m glad I had this experience before going to the city hospital because I’ll have something to build off of, instead of starting completely from the bottom there.

When I got my evaluation back I realized, again, how beneficial taking a year off and working was.  My preceptor told me I learned super fast and saw the “big picture” on the first day, something she said takes most interns about a week to see.  When she said that I immediately knew it was thanks to my year of working and having to learn to see the “big picture” there.

I learned something interesting though, I need to smile more.  I’m glad I received this feedback because I’ve never in my life been told that before.  My preceptor told me she thinks it was just when I got nervous, because otherwise I was a welcoming person, but it’s good to know going into my future rotations.  I need to remember to smile!



Even though I am old, my sorority family convinced me to go to big/little reveal so I did.  I had so much fun hanging out with them and meeting the new freshmen in our family!  Big/little reveal was on Wednesday night so for me it was kind of a mini celebration of finishing up my rotation.  I had all of my stuff turned in on Wednesday so I got to hang out with them and not worry at all.  It was fabulous 🙂



I’m a Chi Omega and I’ve always heard “Chi Omega is for a lifetime” but never realized how true it was until this year.  I’ll never outgrow Chi O and it will always have a huge place in my heart.  I met my best friends in that house and I have a feeling a lot of them are going to stay close for a long time.



Chi Omega is also awesome because it’s paired with Make-A-Wish Foundation so all the proceeds of philanthropies go to them to grant wishes for kids with life threatening illnesses.  The philanthropy this time around was a color run, so obviously I couldn’t say no!  It was this morning and it was literally SO MUCH FUN!  I came home covered in color powder and full of joy.  They were estimating they had raised $10,000, enough to grant TWO wishes! I am incredibly proud to be able to contribute to that.



I also got catch up with some girls I rarely get to see and that is always fun 🙂

Monday I start at the nursing center and I am so ready to be there! I’ve got some pretty high expectations, so I hope it lives up to them!

I’ll leave you with this….



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