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Week 7 Recap


Happy Sunday 🙂

I got to see this cutie this weekend!

Brace yourself: this is going to be a long one.

My parents came to visit me for the weekend since it’s just too expensive and not worth missing a day of my internship to go home for Thanksgiving this year.  This will be the second year in a row I haven’t been able to go home for Thanksgiving and it’s kind of a weird feeling.  Obviously I want to be home with my family as much as I can, but the distance just doesn’t make it feasible in some cases.  Plus, I’m going home for Christmas for at least a week so already in the last two months I’ll have seen my parents more than I did when I lived in Portland.

After seeing my parents I’m really grateful for all the support they provide me.  My dad told me exactly what I needed to hear, that he will always wish that I lived closer to home but he would rather me live where I am happy.  He never wants to see me as miserable as I was the summer after graduation when I moved back to my hometown.  I moved back there because I felt like I needed to.  My parents watched me go to work, the gym, and then home every day.  Never doing anything with friends.  Always wishing I was back in Oregon.  Ever since then my dad has always told me to live where I’m happy and never again live somewhere because I feel like I need to.

I’ve taken that to heart.  I set my goals on OSUDI because I knew I would be happy here.  I think I needed that reminder this weekend.  Although my life may not be perfect as an intern and the distance is preventing me from being home for another holiday, I am happier here than I would be anywhere else and I shouldn’t ever let myself forget that.

This week was a little bit hectic for me, again, but I felt much happier in general and I think I’m starting to settle into the internship in a way.  I have immensely enjoyed my time at the hospital so far and I really can’t believe I only have 4 days left there 😦

This week started out again in inpatient.  I saw 3 patients on Monday and 2 patients on Tuesday with my main preceptor, M.  She’s on vacation for a week so starting on Wednesday everything got a little crazy.  I started that day by heading up to the satellite location I was at last week and working with a new preceptor, D. She does out patient and it was my first day with her.  We were originally going to start up there doing a diabetes living class and then head back down to the hospital to see some outpatients, but there wasn’t anyone on the schedule until 1. After the diabetes class I ended up doing an outpatient session with the preceptor I worked with up there last week, J. After that I headed back down to the hospital, grabbed some lunch, and headed to outpatient.

I was super excited because it was going to be a newly diagnosed Crohn’s patient. Well, he never showed up.  I still learned a ton because D is extremely knowledgeable and pulled out about every handout and resource she has for GI diseases like Crohn’s and celiac.  I spent the rest of the afternoon in M’s office working on things before heading home.

On Thursday I headed back up to the satellite location to work with J again.  We were supposed to be doing outpatient but, not surprisingly, only one of our two patients showed up.  In our free hour we reviewed my diabetes study guide and again, I learned a lot just by talking with my preceptor and I walked away with another list of resources to reference if I ever have diabetes questions. I went home at about 11:30 and just worked on projects from home the rest of the day. An afternoon off was exactly what I needed.

Friday I was only supposed to do outpatient, but J was doing inpatient for M and I decided to come in at 8 and get the day started with her.  At 10 I headed over to outpatient, sat in on a session with D, then headed back to inpatient.  After lunch I saw 3 patients and then worked on projects for the rest of the day.

Can you say hectic?

And yes, I did take notes on what I did each day so I could remember.

Right now I am in the library and I really need to write a paper, so adios!


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