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Week 6 Recap



Can we talk about the fact that it’s already NOVEMBER.

Halloween totally snuck up on me this year.  I pulled my costume together on Halloween.  Thankfully being in a sorority in college means I have a ridiculous amount of costume stuff left over from years of theme functions and fraternity dances.  So this year I was a flapper because it was easy and I own quite a few black dresses.  And a sparkly headband.  And Michael’s will forever have a never ending supply of boas.

I got to see a few of my sorority sisters on Halloween and I had soooo so so much fun with them! I have been missing college so much lately and definitely am taking advantage of still having younger friends that I can hang out with.  I think at this point I’m just living vicariously through them.  I’m in such a weird spot this year.  I love being an intern.  I also love being independent and working.  I loved college more than any other part of my life.  Being an intern I’m stuck with the responsibility of a full time job, but not the satisfaction of making my own money and supporting myself.  I’m also in a college town surrounded by fun, but I can’t just be irresponsible and have fun all the time like I used to.  It’s such an awkward spot and I’m having an increasingly hard time balancing it all.

All that aside, I did have a really good week at my rotations. FINALLY! Being in a hospital is definitely more my thing.  I got to see my first patient on Friday.  Leading up to that my preceptor had been letting me help decide what to do with patients, she would give me her input, we would mutually decide a plan of action, and I would shadow her for the consults.

By the time I got my patient for Friday I was ready for it.  I was nervous but I was also really excited because it was going to be my starting point and after the first one I was going to start building my skills and really start feeling like a dietitian.  I will admit, my first patient was about the easiest one I could have ever asked for.  I got extremely lucky and it really did help boost my confidence.  I’m being realistic though, it’s not always going to be that easy.

I get to see two patients tomorrow and I’m curious to see how those go.  I’m hoping for a bit of a challenge, but nothing that I can’t handle of course.  My preceptor will be there so if anything gets sticky she is there to jump in.

On Friday we had a didactic day.  I was a little, scratch that, a lot, tired from Halloween so luckily it was pretty low key.  We got to start our employee wellness sessions and I was able to see one woman.  I have two appointments the next time and I’m going to follow up this one by email hopefully by Friday.  No surprise, we have bitten off a bit more than we can chew, but it’s going to be an interesting learning experience.  Plus it’s just added counseling practice and I know everyone can benefit from that.

After class we had some bonding over margaritas.  I am really starting to become very fond of the other interns.  They remind me of my crazy pledge class from my sorority.  It’s so much fun when you get to know people well and they let their guard down.  I knew those girls had to have a little crazy in them and they definitely do 🙂

Once I was two margaritas deep I headed off to meet up with my great grand little Kelsie since we were going to the football game together.  We lost but it was still a ton of fun to hang out with her.  I don’t see her enough!



It was also awesome to be back in the student section.  The energy in there is incredible.  We scored two back to back touchdowns and everyone went WILD!  With as much as I’ve been struggling with the balance lately it was wonderful to be able to revert back to student status for a bit and just enjoy a football game.


I’m also going to be running on a continuous sugar high until I can get rid of all this Halloween candy! I have such a huge sweet tooth.  I literally cannot say no.



See’s foil candy will always be my favorite.  It’s one thing I can always count on getting for holiday’s from my daddy 🙂

I can’t believe tomorrow starts week 7.  It is starting to fly by!




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