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Week 5 Recap

So I have how ridiculous it is going to be when I get to the end of this whole internship and I’m on like Week 35 Recap.

Oh well.

Fingers crossed I keep up with blogging for that long!

So this week, as I mentioned in my last post, I finished my time at the preschool! I really am going to miss all the great people there that I got the chance to work side by side with but I was definitely eager to finish things up.  Like a productive little intern I had all my competencies complete on Wednesday night and did a quick overview of them on Thursday and handed over the flashdrive with all my work on it.  Space was pretty limited where I was (if I was working on the computer it was common to find me in a classroom observation room doing my work) but I had a designated intern laptop that I could use while I was there and on the days that my preceptor was gone I was able to use her office and her computer.  Having the flashdrive was vital since we couldn’t email anything with student names on it and I was working off of multiple computers.

So to add on to my poorly written scatter brained post on challenges in community nutrition: space.

Or maybe I mentioned that?

Haha I can’t even keep up with my life anymore.

SO. My last big hoorah at the preschool was to take heights and weights for all the little kiddos.  On Wednesday I went to each of the morning classes with on of the family services interns and we successfully got heights and weights for almost 60 kids. The other intern and I have had to tag team a lot of little projects throughout my time there so I knew her pretty well by the end.  She is very nice but SUPER quiet so I was forced to be the one on the ground with the kids getting them into the right position for accurate measurements.

I used to really hate kids but now I think I’ve softened my view towards them.  I had a feeling this rotation was going to do that for me and I’m glad it did. I also learned pretty quickly that all I had to do was basically challenge them to stand as still as possible and I was golden for getting their heights quickly.

In the afternoon I was on my own, which was a bit of a challenge, but I made it through!

On Thursday I went back and got kids who had been absent on Wednesday and by the end of the day Thursday I was able to proudly report to my preceptor that there were only 3 kids missing. Out of 118.

So that was kind of a satisfying end to my time there.

This weekend was homecoming and there were SO MANY of my friends in town! I didn’t get to see nearly as many as I would have liked but I saw the ones who came from farther away.  I can see those Portlanders anytime…

Meghan let me sit in her parents seats with her which meant I didn’t have to scrounge for a ticket like I normally do.  It was a night game so we got all bundled up and watched our Beavers play! Unfortunately we lost, but it was a good game for the most part.



Before the game we went to this gluten free restaurant because Kayla is gluten and soy free.  I had been feeling sick that morning and hadn’t really eaten anything except for breakfast.  I got pulled chicken tacos and they were really good! I feel like I didn’t get to fully appreciate them because my tummy was still feeling weird so I guess that means I’ll just have to go back!



I also got a free chocolate chip cookie since it was my first time there.  It was so good! Why are gluten free desserts so delicious???

Last night I ended up getting suckered into going out after I had decided I wasn’t going to.  Oh the things I do for my friends.  So I went to the bars sober but I still had an absolute blast.  I just have some pretty fun friends 🙂

I also had to document the stamps, it’s been a while!



I start my new rotation at the rural hospital tomorrow. I have my study guide finished, I’m about to make some overnight oats, and I get free lunch there so I won’t have to hassle with that for 3 weeks!

Meghan inspired me to make some pretty tasty chicken today, so I’ll share that soon.

Also, I finished this really good book last week and I feel like I wanted to do some kind of short book review.  We shall see.

Ready to start week 6!


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