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Week 4 Recap


I kind of hate admitting when things aren’t super in my life, but this last week was just bad.  Life surely has its ups and downs and sometimes the only thing to do is get a little space.  Yesterday I did just that and went to the coast.

I am absolutely in love with the Oregon coast and yesterday was hands down the nicest weather I have ever experienced there.  Mid 60s, breezy, not windy, and incredibly sunny.  After walking around on the beach for a bit and getting my feet (and pants) wet in the waves we climbed over a dune to the Yaquina Bay side where you can see the iconic bridge that goes through Newport.  I figured out how to use the panorama feature on my new phone and it is so cool! I had the preconceived notion that panorama pictures were difficult to take but I just had to hold down the button and move it until I wanted the picture to end.  So cool!

After spending a while in the sand, we had lunch at a little cafe in Nye Beach and then headed to the Historic Bayfront.  Of course a stop in almost every little shop was in order and we couldn’t leave without some saltwater taffy.


I exercised some serious self control and only bought $4 of taffy.  I could have easily gotten way more than that!

I’m not quite sure what lead my week to be so horrible.  I know working 16 hours last weekend really wore me out and I was just plain tired all week.  There’s also the fact that I’m having a lot of frustration surrounding the preschool and I have definitely been putting in way less than 100% there and just getting by with the bare minimum.  I know that’s a horrible thing to be doing but I am still getting my footing with this whole internship and this is really really really not the kind of nutrition I ever want to do.

I am hoping that my list of “things I never want to do in dietetics” ends after this rotation, because I really can’t limit myself too much right off the bat.

Through this week I’ve felt very grateful for the friends I have in my life and am continually happy I make it a priority to keep those friendships healthy and strong.  I really could not do it on my own.

So here’s to a new beginning this week.  Here’s to making the most of my last days at the preschool and ending with a smile 🙂



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