Dietetic Internship

OSUDI Orientation: Day 1


I’m a little scatter brained today…I was hit with a huge amount of information and that mixed with the fact that I have been so excited and revved up all day has made sitting down and focusing pretty hard.  I am still on cloud 9…I’m a dietetic intern! I have a rotation schedule! I have reading and brushing up to do for my first rotation! AHHHHHHHHHH!

And I don’t start til Wednesday so let’s all cross our fingers that I chill out before then.

Seriously though, I need to get shit done this weekend.

So on to the good stuff, my first day of orientation!  It was a lot more laid back than what I had anticipated.  In hindsight I should have known it would be like that and I know in the back of my head that thought must have been there since I wasn’t overly anxious or nervous (until OSU’s horrendous parking situation came back into my life…).  My program director taught 4 of my undergrad classes, I know her style pretty well, and the last thing she is is uptight.  She is laid back and approachable without being sloppy and unreliable, something I hope to achieve one day in my professional career.

I was kind of hiding this from everyone, but I had some serious doubt recently about whether or not I had made the right decision on where to do my internship.  Leaving my job and moving from Portland back to Corvallis was extremely difficult.  This year has had some really rough patches and I never really imagined it would turn out the way it did.  During all of those times my job became my one comfort and my escape from reality.  I enjoyed it so much and my coworkers are the only reason I survived the tough stuff I was going through.  I knew that the DI was going to be the next big thing in my life, the necessary step to make my dream job come true, but it was really hard to let go of the one thing I had held so closely for almost a year.

When I walked into Milam Hall this morning I was on such an autopilot and distracted by other things that I didn’t really savor the moment of going back into that building not just to visit, but with a purpose.  Being back at Oregon State gives me so much comfort, this town has become my home and I know my way around like the back of my hand.  When it comes to Corvallis, I’m an expert.  This place watched me grow up and taught me how to be a confident and independent woman.  I had a moment sitting in the classroom this morning, the same exact one I had my senior goodbye lunch in for my dietetics cohort, where it really hit me that I had made the right choice.  There is no where else I would have rather been than sitting in that room.  I have never felt more like I was in the right place.

This quote popped into my head too.  I think I’ll keep it in mind for the next 10 months 🙂


I am immensely happy with where I am, not because it’s perfect, but because it’s getting me to where I want to be.

Now that I’ve bored you all with the mushy stuff how about a little peak at what I’m doing for the next 10 months?

Like I said, no names or locations are going to be posted, but here’s an overview using general terms.  They are information enough anyways!

Rotation 1: Child Care Center- 4.5 weeks

Rotation 2: Hospital – 3 weeks

Rotation 3: Nursing Center – 3 weeks

Rotation 4: Dairy Council – 2 weeks


Rotation 5: School District – 5 weeks

Rotation 6: Retirement Community – 5 weeks

Rotation 7: Hospital – 10 weeks

Rotation 8: Dialysis Clinic – 3 weeks

I think I have enough to keep me busy for a while…and knowing me I’m gonna cram a bunch of other “fun” things into my life as well and overload myself just for the sake of feeling like I’m living life to the fullest.

I am fortunate and rotations 1, 5, and 8 are more local and will not require a commute.  Other than that, I’m gonna get real familiar with I-5. It is a very good thing I enjoy driving and have a reliable vehicle!

And lastly, since I am going to make a SOLID effort to maintain this blog at least fairly regularly, I have come up with a skeleton of a posting schedule.  It will be a work in progress, but each week I would like to include a recipe, a nutrition topic (which may or may not reflect my learning that week in my internship), and a weekly recap, including what my rotations were like and my work outs, as well as any other fun stuff.

Sound good?


I’m planning on cooking tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have a recipe up by Saturday 🙂


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