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So what have I been doing for the last month?

Watching my life change and attempting to stay calm through the transition.



I watched a tree lose a huge branch on my second to last day of work. Literally, I watched it fall off the tree and crash to the ground. 020I had my last day of work as a diet aide. I’m still an on call employee but I still felt obligated to take my picture off the wall.



My parents came up to help me move and Ruby came along! Officially a traveling doggie…who is very unsure of new places.  “Why am I here? Where are we?”

026I finished my second half marathon, and got third place in my age group!

028Meghan finished her first marathon! I am INSANELY proud of her!

040I moved to my new home and have a roommate who will actually cook. And sit and eat a meal with me. And talk to me.

Basically, my new roommate is 1000 times better than my old one!046

We went on a hike on the Oregon Coast four days after my half marathon. It killed my knees…

065We went to a Beaver game and watched them win against Hawaii! So good to be back in Beaver Nation for another season!

004I got insanely bored doing nothing so I decided to make a trip home while I still could. Obviously In-N-Out was a necessary stop to make.

I start my internship on Thursday and I’m so so so excited to finally get the program started and be on my way to becoming an RD.

I am so incredibly thankful for the way things have worked out in the last year.  Exactly a year ago I found out I would be moving back to Oregon to work in Portland as a diet aide and that is what truly got me back on track and on my way forward again.  Since that day I have learned so much, gained so much confidence, and solidified the fact that I am going to be successful in my internship and future career.

I made the decision to stay as an on call diet aide and assistant dietary manager so that I can temporarily return to that job next summer part time if I want to while preparing for my RD exam.  If I decide to do that I won’t have to go through a rehire process and that’s making a uncertain future after the internship look a little less scary.

I am literally already planning rotation outfits and quick weeknight meals to have ready for when my rotations start. Can it be Thursday already?

I’ll check back in after my first day of orientation (if I don’t make something yummy to share before then!)

Wish me luckkkkk!








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