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Life Lately

It has quickly become apparent that my life is about to make a dramatic change.  When I started this blog I didn’t really know what is was doing…at all.  I started it mainly as a place to save recipes with pictures and comments about them.  However, as my life becomes more focused on my internship I think I’m going to use this as a place to document my experiences.

For privacy reasons, I won’t disclose the name, or maybe even location, of any of my rotation sites but I hope to record little tidbits of what it’s like to be a dietetic intern in different types of facilities.  In high school I was very good at documenting my life in journals.  I think I have about a dozen that span those 4 years and they create a very detailed map of my life from age 14-18.  I hope this blog can be a place that I can look back to in a few years and remember what  it was like to be an intern.

I’m also trying to create a regular posting schedule, but that is a work in progress, of course.

I won’t stop cooking for myself (we’re not about to relive senior years of college again) so I won’t stop posting recipes.  My dad bought me a little Weber grill for my new apartment so I think I’m going to start eating chicken again.  Like actually buying it and cooking it myself.  GASP!!!



As you can see, everything in my life seems to be coming up VERY quickly.  In 3 weeks, I will be about 4 miles into my half marathon!  I know I’m ready for it, but it still seems daunting.

Did I tell you about the awesome path I found to run on? I’m in love with it.  I’m never leaving Oregon, I love having nature right outside my door even in a city like Portland.



This state takes my breath away on a daily basis.  I wish I would have captured the sunset on Friday.  I tried, but there was no way my camera could do it justice.

I have officially completed my packet of stuff to send to OSUDI.  My final piece was my drug test and that was literally one of the most difficult experiences of my life.   After work on Wednesday I went down the street to the same facility I had my pre-employment drug screen at.  Interns are expected to front the cost of all the pre-screening tests, documents, etc, so it doesn’t matter what facility we use.  Well, the woman at the desk was in such a rush she just plain didn’t listen to what I was saying.  She kept asking me who it was that was requiring the drug test.  I attempted to explain it to her and upon mentioning the university’s name, she typed it in and began to list off all the departments they had as billing options.  Obviously, the internship wasn’t listed since I was the one paying for the screening.  At that point she tried to turn me away.  I pulled out my information I had from the internship and showed her where it explicitly said “or any local drug test facility.” At that point she became aggravated and by the time I had told her at least a dozen times that I was the one paying for it, she FINALLY heard me/let that information register in her brain and then got snotty with me about not mentioning that from the beginning.  Hello, lady, I did!  Slow down and use your ears!

So that was resolved, right? Pay the fee, pee in a cup, wait for the results, right? Wrong.

I was also instructed to complete a “basic urine test.”  Well, apparently that was too broad of a category for this woman.  She began to list off different tests by their number-letter combo names in a rushed fashion and at that point I became so overwhelmed and frustrated that I started to cry.  When I become overwhelmed, I cry.  When I become emotional, I cry.  When I become overly happy, I cry.  It is my natural reaction to a variety of situations unfortunately.  Something I have accepted but I have realized comes off as immature and weak, two things I am not.

So there I stood, tears rolling down my face, decked out in my food covered work uniform, just trying to pay to pee in a cup so I could send in my packet and get that done.  At that point, the lady grew a heart.  She became very sweet and helpful, asked a few kind questions, made the decision for me on what kind of screening, charged my card, and sent me right to the back so I wouldn’t have to continue to wait.  On the way out, she wished me good luck with my internship and told me to take care of myself.  Obviously she was a kind person and had let the rush of her job take that away from her.


Why am I sharing this story in such detail? It had a huge impact on me.

Plato says it best, “Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”

To me it is a reminder to not let the stress of work get in the way of how I interact with others.  You never know when just one rushed judgement is going to lead to tears.  As I enter a new chapter of my life that is undoubtedly going to be extremely stressful, I think I need to keep this in mind.  Never should I let my kindness towards others slip to the side. Never.

So yeah, that is my life lately.  Planning on having a new recipe soon since I am planning on cooking tonight 🙂

Now time for a run.

Happy Sunday 🙂


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