Half Marathon Success!!!

I did it! I finished my first half marathon yesterday and I finished STRONG! In fact I beat my running buddy that I met along the way (she gave me a hug afterwards so obviously she wasn’t super competitive).


First time I’ve worn a race bib since high school!!! Even then we didn’t get full size ones often, usually these little tags they would pin to us and then tear off at the finish line and string on a string in order.



My sweet shirt.  Gotta love race memorabilia!

007Before the race, freezing my ass off! Did I mention it was a tad bit cold yesterday? And that I forgot my gloves? Yeah, frozen for the first few miles.


I did it! Looking exhausted but so excited about my accomplishment!

My time was 1:56:08 which translated into a 8:52 pace.  I was aiming for 9:00 pace, just to keep myself from burning out, so I am thrilled with my time! All the training was worth it and this is definitely not going to be my last half marathon!






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