The Things That Inspire Me

Today is Monday, the first day of April, and though I would normally be at work bright and early to start off my week, today I have the day off 🙂 While that isn’t going to be the best thing when pay day rolls around, I woke up feeling very inspired this morning so I’m going to worry about money when it becomes an issue.

I have a few recipes I could share, but this morning I feel like sharing the blogs that have inspired me to start this one instead.

When I was an undergrad at Oregon State studying nutrition, I spent a lot of time in Kelley Engineering with my fellow dietetics girls between, before, and after classes.  While a lot of our conversations revolved around our school work, planning our careers, and how we were going to get to the point of being Registered Dietitians, if our friend Kate had her laptop open eventually we would hear “So this blog I read…” and the conversation would shift.

The girl is obsessed with blogs.

I never really understood her obsession/fascination with them until a few months ago.  I had started this blog and felt lost.  I needed some sort of example to follow, if you will.  I needed some sources of inspiration.  I also needed something better to do with my time than stalk people on Facebook (which, btw, I have been FB free since February 18th!).  So I contacted Kate.

Of course, she sent me a full list of her “favorite” blogs and an additional list of ones she reads but wasn’t a fan of.  I picked through her suggestions and soon enough, I was a blog reader.

Here is a list of the blogs that I enjoy, that inspire me, and that make me want to continue my blog 🙂

Peanut Butter Fingers

Iowa Girl Eats

Eat, Live, Run


Peas and Thank You

Prevention RD

Have Your Cake And

So check them out!



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