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11 Mile Run…and WINE!!!

So today I conquered my 11 mile run and it felt AMAZING! I was really worried about it after how difficult it was to run 10 last week, but I started out at a slower pace and just let myself keep running at whatever pace felt comfortable.  I stayed around 8:30 for my mile times, which is pretty freaking fast if you ask me, but I felt great at that pace and didn’t have to make any dramatic slow downs like I did last week.  I hit 11 miles down the street from my house so I decided to just end my run there and walk the rest of the way back, which is probably the smartest thing I could have done.

I called my mom and told her the exciting news and sent a screen shot from my running app to my dad.  They were both very proud to hear about the progress I have continued to make.  Even though neither of them run, their support has been incredible through this training process.  I could not do it without their words of encouragement and congratulations every time I share this journey with them.  I wish they could be there on the day of my race, but that’s just one of the downfalls of living so far away from “home” I guess.



I plan on celebrating my success tonight with fro yo and a glass (or two) of wine.  I opened a bottle that my mom got me for my birthday last week after 10 miles, and I figure I might as well finish it tonight. Wine not?



Note the fancy Insta picture…awww yeah.

Taking a week off from long runs and trying 11 again on the 28th!


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