Sometime I don’t cook for myself…

So I try to cook most of my meals for myself because it’s a thousand times easier to estimate how many calories I’m eating if I know exactly what went into it. Well, today was my Friday at work and I had one heck of a work week so I decided to grab some dinner for myself instead of cooking it. I wanted to try a new place called Bajio and it was AMAZING! I got a veggie burrito (no sour cream of course, we don’t want to deal with that lactose issue) and it had rice, beans, guac, corn, and sweet onions.  Smothered in spicy enchilada sauce and topped with cheese.  I’m embarrassed to admit I ate the entire thing…but it’s not as big as the picture makes it look. It was $4.95 that was well spent and worth all the excess calories 🙂



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