Healthy Snack Time!

I found a link on Pinterest yesterday that lead me to a blog about college nutrition. Did I mention my degree is in nutrition? Well it is, so obviously I was really curious what this girl had to say about eating healthy. She has some really good ideas that I would recommend to those in college.  Her blog is called The Negative 15 and the link is here if you’re interested in seeing her whole blog.  Anyways, the link was for marinated tomatoes topped with spinach and mozzarella. Let me tell you, historically I am NOT a tomato person. AT ALL. Growing up I would avoid them like the plague to the point that my parents had to order pizza with light sauce cuz if there was too much I couldn’t handle it.  Luckily, at 21 I began to accept them and now I can eat them if they are mostly covered by some other flavor.  This recipe looked like it would fall into that category and since I have leftover soy mozzarella and I’m not really sure how long it lasts before it molds I figured I would give it a try.

They were quite good actually! I had them at dinner last night with my chicken but it was a bit too much and I left feeling stuffed.  I ate some today for a snack instead of the tasty potato chips I had left over from my Panera lunch. I took pictures (yay!) so here they are:


The soy cheese does some weird things when you broil it…that is all I can say. It doesn’t really melt but instead forms a film that begins to harden. Doesn’t affect the taste at all but does affect the looks.  For the recipe click here and give them a try! The instructions aren’t super detailed cuz they’re very simple.


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