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Baked Chicken Parmesan…the best thing I’ve made for myself so far

Baked Chicken Parmesan…the best thing I’ve made for myself so far

So I’ve been living on my own for about 2 months now after a summer living with my parents. I gained some weight in college (about 20 lbs) and upon moving home decided I was going to shed the weight. I’ve lost about 15 of those 20 lbs in 5 months and have recently started training for a half marathon, which I’m expecting will melt away the last 5. I found this awesome blog called Skinnytaste that has delicious recipes that have been lightened up and it is the inspiration for most of my cooking now a days.  I’m lactose intolerant and with the exception of fro yo I avoid dairy at all costs, so I modify a lot of the recipes I find to make them dairy free if they’re not already.  In the case of this recipe, I used soy cheese that I found at Trader Joe’s. It was reasonably priced and I was pleased about that. The flavor isn’t as strong as regular mozzarella and of course it doesn’t melt quite the same, but I will definitely be buying it in the future and recommend it for those looking for a dairy free alternative.

Anyways, about the recipe: it is amazing! The chicken is lightly breaded and comes out moist and there is just enough sauce and cheese on it to make it delicious.  I used Progresso Italian seasoned bread crumbs and Classico tomato and basil pasta sauce (I haven’t ventured into the realm of making my own pasta sauce yet) and served it over whole wheat linguine with a side of broccoli. Absolutely fantastic. I’m going to be eating the last of the leftovers tonight and will post a picture of the final product this evening. In the meantime, I recommend browsing Gina’s website, she has some awesome recipes (the link is above…)

Follow up: I decided to add the calorie information for my recipes. Please note, I am NOT a registered dietitian (I will be some day!) so my ability to calculate calorie information is limited to an app called MyFitnessPal that I use on my iPhone.  It’s not perfect but I try my best to get the correct information out of it!

Servings (Chicken only): 3

  • Calories: 296
  • Total Fat: 13.2 g
  • Saturated Fat: 2.7 g
  • Cholesterol: 71.7 mg
  • Sodium: 823.3 mg
  • Total Carbs: 14.2 g
  • Protein: 33.4 g

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